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The Turkish Republic is located in the Middle East, and is bounded on the north by the Black Sea, on the east by Iran, on the south by Iraq and Syria, on the west by the Aegean Sea and Greece.

Turkey is one of the most famous tourist areas around the world, it is characterized by its wonderful distinctive places, in addition to the low costs in relation to other tourist areas, and we will present in this article the best months to visit Turkey, in addition to some tourist places in it, which are recommended to visit.

The best months to visit Turkey

It is advisable to visit it in the spring and autumn seasons, because of the moderate temperatures and less tourism congestion in relation to other months, and the prices of tourist reservations are less expensive by up to 20%.

Tourist places in Turkey


Istanbul is one of the most magnificent cities in terms of beauty and history, and it extends over the continents of Europe and Asia, and includes many historical mosques that are distinguished by rare architectural art, such as: Blue Mosque, or Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which for many visitors is the most important tourist destination in the city, Although it is located in a bustling and vibrant city with life and constant movement, it is characterized by a spiritual atmosphere, and the calm that breathes in peace and security.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque consists of a large number of huge domes in addition to six towers, and you can shop at the Grand Bazaar, Al Hamidiya Market, and eat at Haj Abdullah Restaurant.


Antalya is the capital of the Turkish tourism, where millions of tourists from all over the world visit it every year, especially Europe, where the city is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery and wonderful geographical topography. The city is located on the coast of the southwestern Mediterranean of Turkey, and it has occupied a large center in global tourism, due to the implementation of many projects Tourism and investment in it.

You can visit the city of Termisos suitable for youth trips and adventures, it requires walking and climbing along its paths, or visit Duden waterfalls, where you enjoy distinctive views, and wonderful sandy beaches, and you can shop in the Depo mall, and eat in the famous Konyaalar restaurant.


This city is one of the best places to visit in Turkey, as it is characterized by tranquility, which makes it suitable for recreation and comfort, as it includes many scenic views and charming bays of beauty, as it has a large port that enables you to ride in the boat to go on a trip to the nearby bays, and an international airport thirty minutes away From the city, and what distinguishes Bodrum is its low-rise white buildings, and one of the most famous tourist attractions is St. Peter’s Church. You can stay in Marmara Bodrum Hotel, according to the opinion of most of its residents, and eat in Peters Place Restaurant.

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