The best places in Penang

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Penang National Park

Penang National Park, known locally as Taman Negara Pulau Penang, is located in the northwestern part of Penang Island, and it is one of the smallest national parks in Malaysia, with an area of ​​ten square miles, and it is worth noting that it includes many attractions, such as: beaches The beautiful, Meromectic Lake that includes fresh, salt water at the same time, in addition to sea turtles, mangroves, and wonderful paths between trees and the monkey beach, as is found in the park the second oldest lighthouse in Malaysia.

Penang Hill

Access to the summit of Penang Hill provides oversight of wonderful scenes, such as: Penang Bridge, watching the main Malaysian mainland, in addition to enjoying the green natural scenery on the island, and there are many high-end restaurants on the top, and Penang Hill also includes a ginger garden that contains many factions Ginger, the owl museum in which the arts and crafts related to the owl are exhibited, and it is the first museum of its kind in Southeast Asia, because it contains a thousand rare artifacts, and in addition to all of the above, the hill also includes a cannon from the British era And an Indian temple, and a children’s playground, and botanical garden, and a mosque.

Other landmarks in Penang

Here is a mention of some other landmarks in Penang, which are:

  • Cornwallis Fort (English: Fort Cornwallis): It contains the remains of British fortresses.
  • State Art Gallery (English: The State Art Gallery): It is located in Diwan Sri Penang, and this exhibition includes exhibitions of the most prominent Malaysian artists.
  • China Town (English: Chinatown): It is a special place for Chinese-style shopping, where shopping, houses and temples are examples of Chinese lifestyle.
  • Kick Lock Si Temple (English: The Kek-Lok-Si temple) Or as it is called (the Temple of Resident Bliss), it is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia.
  • The Tropical Spice Garden: It contains a hundred types of spice plants.
  • Convalescent Bungalow (English: Convalescent Bungalow) It is considered the oldest building in Penang, as it was built in 1803 AD.


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