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Amerjan Park is one of the most beautiful gardens in Istanbul, because it has many stunning landscapes and the park includes all the entertainment that visitors are searching for, whether they are from Istanbul or from outside, and we will learn in detail about Amerjan Park and its features and also the appropriate times To visit them throughout the day.

Emirgan Garden site:

Amirjan Park is located next to the Bosphorus strait, which is located in Istanbul, Turkey, where the park is located specifically in an area called Sariyer, which is located in the northern side of the city, and it is very close to the famous Istinya Park complex which is one of the largest and most famous commercial complexes in Istanbul, and is considered one of the oldest The parks in Istanbul are the largest, with a total park area of ​​more than one hundred and seventeen acres, which is the equivalent of four hundred and seventy thousand square meters.

Creating Amirgan Park:

The creation of Amirjan Park dates back to ancient times, where it was established during the reign of Sultan Murad IV, and he is one of the great sultans of the Ottoman Empire, but then the park became the property of the other sultans after him who ruled the Ottoman Empire, and the ownership of the park remained transferred between an Ottoman ruler and another to If Ismail Pasha bought the garden after that, who was the ruler of Egypt and Sudan at that time.

Emirgan Garden Contents:

  • Amerjan Park includes many distinctive green plants and cypress trees, where ancient times they were called cypress woods, and the garden is one of the most beautiful green places that include stunning landscapes.
  • Amirjan Garden also includes a large number of different flowers in different shapes and colors, where there are more than one hundred and twenty different types of different flowers and plants.
  • The garden also has the largest number of colorful tulips that can be seen, and this is what is ignored by the most beautiful gardens in the world.
  • Amirjan Garden contains a large number of other different trees, which include pine trees as well as camphor, and some rice trees, and this makes it an appropriate environment for the presence of many squirrel animals that grow and exist on these trees abundantly.
  • Amerjan Park includes a large number of rare birds, which play the most beautiful melodies on tree branches, and there are many types of birds in the garden.
  • The park will not be limited to the scenic landscape only, but also has some other buildings as it includes three palaces, which are established in the era of Khedive Ismail, among them the white palace, as well as the palace with a pink color, and the palace with a yellow color, and was built These palaces in that period in order to go to them during vacation or resort times, but at this time they are now restaurants and cafes.
  • The park also includes two water pools, surrounded by a large wall, and this is among the most beautiful views of the garden.
  • The park also has many artificial waterfalls that give an attractive view of the garden, along with a group of water fountains and streams with which you can take the most beautiful memorial pictures next to them.
  • The garden also includes mosques in order to perform the prayers while in the garden, to Jani Ann, the garden also has bathrooms.

Entertainment in Amerjan Park:

  • Sitting in Amerjan Park can rest and relax in this scenic spot.
  • Chess can also be played with friends and family, through the place dedicated to playing chess in the garden and without any material costs, it is freely available to all.
  • The whole family can be enjoyed, because the garden has a place for children, through which some games can be played and enjoyed in an atmosphere filled with green spaces.
  • Also for lovers of ancient Turkish food there are some restaurants in the garden, which have all kinds of foods dating back to the Ottoman times, along with some other foods and sweets.
  • There are also some cafes in the garden that you can sit back and enjoy a drink along with some snacks.
  • Walking and jogging can also be enjoyed, as well as some exercise, through the green spaces designated for walking and running.
  • It is possible to enjoy a visit to the garden during the spring season, because it is held by the spring festival, which is devoted to tulips because they contain a large number of tulips of different colors.
  • Enjoy watching many ducks and geese swimming in the water pools in the garden and taking memorial photos next to them.

Best time to visit Amerjan Park:

The park can be visited on any day of the week, as Amirjan Garden is available all days throughout the year, from seven in the morning, and the garden remains available until ten in the evening every day, according to the official time of the city of Istanbul.
One of the best times to visit the garden is to visit it in the spring and enjoy watching the tulips blooming open, but throughout the year it is best to visit them during the daytime as they enjoy their beautiful scenery in the light of the day.


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