The Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, which is an archipelago of 115 islands, and is officially known as the “Republic of Seychelles” and its capital is “Victoria”. The islands are 1,500 kilometers from the east coast of Africa, which is located north of Comoros, Mauritius and Madagascar.
The tourism industry actually started in these islands in 1971, when the Seychelles International Airport was opened, and although tourism produces half of the gross domestic product, and to preserve the environment in Seychelles, it was decided in 1994 to determine the number of tourists arriving annually One hundred and fifty thousand.
Because it is considered one of the most beautiful natural places in the Indian Ocean region, here are a few tourist activities, it is considered among the best in the Seychelles

Explore the capital, Victoria, one of the Indian Ocean pearls

5 secret places to visit in the Seychelles Islands
When you visit the Seychelles, the first city you will land in is the capital, Victoria, which is one of the smallest capitals in the world. A very beautiful tourist attraction awaits here, including crowded popular markets, botanical gardens, and buildings in a traditional Creole style. Because the city is small in comparison to other capitals, one day will be enough to visit and see more of it.

Visit the Curios National Park marine life on the island of Curios

Giant aldabra turtles
Located off the northern coast of Praslin Island, the second largest island of the Seychelles, Curios Island features a world-famous aquatic park. This park features its world-leading programs in breeding and conservation of giant turtles.

Recreation on La Digue Island

seychelles-la-digue-island-anse-source-d-argent-beach La Island Dig is the fourth largest island of the Seychelles, and is characterized as an ideal place for nature lovers, and its beautiful traditional features, and the purity of its airspace and serenity, in which there is less use of modern means of transportation, and is replaced by bicycles and carts oxen.

Hiking the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve on Praslin Island

Port Gloud FallsThe Valle de Mai reserve includes trees from a very rare species of endangered coconut, prompting UNESCO to classify Valle de Mai as a World Heritage Site. Many myths have been told about Praslin Island trees, some of which say they have grown from the bottom of the Indian Ocean, while others say they date back to prehistoric times. Regardless of all of this, the fact remains that these so-called “coconut trees” are no longer present anywhere in the world except the Seychelles.

Experience the popular cuisine of the Seychelles

Creole eating
The popular cuisine in the Islands of Seychelles is a stunning fusion of French, African, Indian, English and Chinese dishes, using locally produced spices in an innovative way. The most common ingredients in the Seychelles Islands dishes are fish, spices and fruits, especially coconuts.

Wild excursion on Mahe Island

Mahe IslandMahe Island is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world for picnics in nature, amid dense forests, rubber trees, charming beaches, waterfalls and botanical gardens. Hiking trails here include Anse Major, Copia, Mourin Blanc, Vaqua Natural Trail and Glace Noire among others.

Horse riding and discover Seychelles

Horseback riding on the beaches of SeychellesHorses are an important part of Arab culture and identity, and horse lovers who will find horseback riding in the magnificent Seychelles Islands. Beaches and forests can be discovered on horseback and spend a wonderful and enjoyable time with family and friends.

Experience the Zeppelin experience

Zebline Samac Adventures Center is located in the heart of nature and has many activities, including the Zeppelin Ropes. Visitors can slide the ropes that were suspended in and out of the forest so that they can enjoy the utmost views of the wonderful views of Port Lunay Bay.

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