The best tourist places in Bahrain

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Bahrain Fort

The Bahrain Fort is considered one of the most important archaeological sites and excavations, which was known as Dilmun in ancient times, as it is one of the places registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the castle is located on an artificial hill, and was built more than 4000 years ago, and it is also considered the site of the former capital of Dilmun, One of the most important archaeological excavations in the Arabian Gulf. Archeological excavations over the past fifty years have revealed the presence of residential, commercial, public, and military buildings that reveal the importance of the site over the centuries.

Bahrain Islands

Bahrain consists of thirty three islands in the Arabian Gulf, and these islands are considered places that attract tourists who want to lie on the sand and enjoy the sun of the Arabian Gulf. There is a mountain in the Bahrain archipelago of these islands, Dukhan Mountain, which is the longest point in it, and contains most fields Oil in Bahrain, and the main island of Bahrain contains an endless supply of fresh water on land and at sea. The terrain of the northern islands is decorated with gardens of history, in addition to the beautiful view of the gardens of irrigated vegetables and fruits.


There are many museums in Bahrain, which are one of the places that attract tourists, including:

  • Bahrain National MuseumIt is a museum that contains a large collection of ancient artifacts in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it covers 6000 years of Bahrain’s history, and includes four halls: one is dedicated to archeology and ancient civilization in Dilmun, and two halls depict the culture and lifestyle of Bahrain’s past before the industrial era, and the fourth hall It is devoted to natural history, focuses on the natural environment of Bahrain, and displays samples of plants and animals found in the Kingdom.
  • The Oil Museum and the first oil wellIt is the first oil production well in the Arabian Gulf, and this museum displays the history of the oil industry in Bahrain for more than a century, and also includes some other exhibits, such as: drilling equipment, documents, old photographs, and a model representing the method of work in the oil field.
  • The Quran HouseIt is a historical building dedicated to a comprehensive collection of manuscripts related to the Holy Quran, which is a unique collection in the Arabian Gulf region. It also contains a mosque, library, school, lecture hall, and five exhibition halls.


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