Tourism in Frankfurt

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Popular places in Frankfurt


Drumburg is an ancient center in Frankfurt, where there are many buildings of architecture from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries that are still standing, and these buildings include Römer, the city hall, and the Lutheran church dating back to the twelfth century, and many cafes can be found And small shops in the region.

Frankfurt Museum

The Museum Embankment is one of the most famous museums in Frankfurt, and this museum consists of a group of museums that extend on both sides of the River Main. The Senckenberg Museum of Natural Sciences is the largest museum of natural history in Europe, as it contains a large collection of dinosaur statues that make it a destination Loved by children, the Museum of Modern Art is famous for its impressive art collections and its bold, unusual architecture.

Goethe House

Frankfurt is the birthplace of the most famous German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832 AD, and despite the destruction of Goethe’s home in World War II, it was completely restored with furniture, paintings, and original books of the Goethe family.

Altea Opera

Alti opera is also known as the old opera, where it was built in 1880 AD, and was once one of the most prominent opera houses in the country, before World War II, where it was rebuilt and renewed in 1981, and today it represents a hall for popular parties, Tourist attraction.

The shopping street in Zell

This street is the main shopping place in Frankfurt, and it is a bustling pedestrian area known as Zeil. This shopping street is also known as The Fifth Avenue of Germany, and it includes everything from elegant boutiques to international departments, and there is also a modern shopping center made of Ten floors, which is “Zeil Galerie”.

The main tower

The main tower is one of the best places for visitors to see Frankfurt, and it is the only high place open to the people, and the building is named after the main German river, which passes through the center of Frankfurt, and the person must take the elevator, which rises to 198 meters, to enjoy comprehensive views of all the city of Frankfurt And you can enjoy drinking cocktails and various meals in the restaurant, which is located on the top floor of the tower, it serves international cuisine, and has panoramic windows.


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