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Jakarta is one of the tourist cities located in Indonesia, and it is characterized by its charming nature and contains animals exposed to extinction, which is an area of ​​attraction for tourists, due to the presence of many archaeological and historical monuments, and we will get acquainted in this article with the most important tourist areas in it.

The best tourist places in Jakarta

Here is a list of the best tourist places in the city of Jakarta:

  • Bank of Indonesia Museum: Founded in 1828 AD, it is located in Fathallah Square, in the ancient city of Batavia, and is considered the first museum in Indonesia, and the museum reviews the history of the economy of Indonesia, and the stages of its development, where guides work to explain to visitors what was life like before the establishment of the bank.
  • Jakarta Cathedral: It was built in the year 1901 AD, and is characterized by the beauty of its architecture, which dates back to the modern Gothic architecture, and is located near the Palace of Merdeka.
  • Istiqlal Mosque: It is considered one of the largest mosques in Indonesia, and one of the most sacred places for Muslims. The mosque was built in 1978, and many lectures, conferences and religious seminars are held in it. It is considered one of the largest mosques in Northeast Asia, in terms of construction and absorption capacity. Among the landmarks visited by large numbers of tourists, President Obama visited him with his wife, and that was in the year 2010 AD, and he said about him that he is a symbol of tolerance in Indonesia, and the diameter of the mosque is 45 meters, and there are 12 columns supporting it, and it contains four levels of balconies, and is characterized by its simplicity It contains tall minarets, and is close to the Kathu Church Lycia, which is close to the train station Gambier.
  • the National Museum: It was established in 1778 AD, and it is an archaeological historical museum, in which many times of time are displayed for Indonesia, and there are many tourists who come to it every year. Many sculptures and reliefs, which date back to the first century AD, in addition to a group of fabrics and textiles.

Other parameters

These are also a number of sights in Jakarta:
  • Immanuel Church: It was built in the year 1948 AD, and there is a Dutch influence on its building patterns, because Indonesia was previously under the control of the Netherlands, and it is located near the Gambir Railway.
  • Old Batavia: It has the port of Sanda Kelapana, which has a major role in reviving trade related to tea, coffee, pepper and clothing. It is estimated at an area of ​​1.3 km 2 and is located in the northwestern side of Jakarta.
  • Thousand Islands: It is considered one of the charming islands in Indonesia, which is 76 coral islands, located forty-five square kilometers from the city of Jakarta, and it is considered a quiet place, and it is characterized by its picturesque and charming nature, it contains a diverse marine environment, and people resort to it to practice many activities, Like diving, swimming, and fishing.

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