The best tourist places in Taif

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Okaz Market

Okaz Market is located 40 kilometers from the northeastern side of the Taif in the Sarawat Mountains. The Okaz Market is one of the unique tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is one of the tourist attractions in the Kingdom, which represents a historical landmark with roots related to the ancient past, in every General visited by tourists from different parts of the world, and the market preserves the fragrance of the past and the historical periods that followed it, where the Okaz market was a meeting place for the gathering of intellectuals, writers and poets in order to display their literary and cultural arts.

Al Shifa Mountain

Mount Shifa is one of the tourist places in the city of Taif, as it is located 25 kilometers from the southwestern side of Taif. This mountain is the highest mountain in the region, and it can be reached through the use of paved roads. 10,000 square meters, and the mountain offers visitors many scenic views of the local mountain range, and visitors can ride camels, four-wheel vehicles, eat street food, and hold barbecues.

Shubra Palace Museum

The Shubra Palace Museum is considered one of the tourist places in the city of Taif, and it represents one of the most distinctive ancient monuments in the city, as its history dates back to 1905 AD, according to an order from Sharif Ali Pasha. It should be noted that King Abdulaziz used to stay in it, and in a later period the palace became the residence of King Faisal.

Other tourist places in Taif

The city of Taif witnesses a visit to many tourists, due to the presence of the distinctive places in it, including the following:

  • House writer: This building is distinguished by its architecture, which is a mixture of Hijazi, Roman and Islamic architecture, and was built by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahid in 1897 CE.
  • Khaki House: This house is considered one of the finest buildings in the city, and its establishment dates back to the year 1943 AD. The purpose of its construction was to be the headquarters of one of the merchants ’families in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
  • Taif Market: The Taif Market is considered one of the largest markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where its amazing small squares are filled with dancing fountains, and it is a great place to buy local products such as honey and rose water, as well as handicrafts are sold, in addition to the possibility of having mint tea while shopping in it.

Note: The city of Taif is home to many beautiful gardens and buildings dating back to the pre-Islamic era.


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