The best tourist places in Trabzon

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Natural places

The natural areas of Turkish Trabzon are varied, as it is located on the eastern side of the Black Sea, and its coastal strip extends along its northern direction, as well as facing the beach a series of mountains that rise a distance of three thousand meters, which are covered by fertile lands, wonderful peaks, and one of the best natural places Tourist in Trabzon:

  • Uzungöl (in Turkish: Uzungöl): The most characteristic of this region is the Uzungol Lake, which attracts tourists, which is further enhanced by the scenery of the slopes that surround it, which are filled with pine forests.
  • Cale Cave (Turkish: Çal Mağarası): The cave is located in the southwestern side of the city of Duzkoy, a distance of five kilometers, and it is one of the deepest caves in its extension at the global level, where the cave resides on the rocks, and a small stream of water passes through it, and its surroundings are filled with pine forests, and the Dogan Mountains Kaya, which makes the Dogan Kaya mountains, which makes it An important tourist destination, knowing that the number of its visitors from tourists is estimated annually between thirty to fifty thousand tourists.
  • Lake Sera: The lake was opened as a natural park in the Yildizli area, with a length of 1,200 meters, a width of 150 meters, and a depth of 20 meters, where tourists come to relax, walk on its outskirts, and enjoy the wonderful nature in it.

Archeological sites

The city of Trabzon was founded in the eighth century BC by Greek merchants from Miletus, and many civilizations passed through it: the Sumerians, the Medes, the Hellenis, the Byzantines, and others; and for this, the city includes several archeological sites that attract tourists to it, the most important of which are:

  • Aya Sofia: Hagia Sophia is a Byzantine church located on the western side of the city, and it is one of the most important archaeological buildings in the city, where the influence of the Byzantine arches appears in it, as well as a high dome decorated with motifs from the outside, and mosaics from the inside, and it has three entrances, in addition to the large stone It is worth noting that the church combines Christian and Islamic art, was converted into a museum and then reopened as a mosque during Friday prayers.
  • Ataturk Palace: The palace was built in a small land of pine in 1923 AD by Egypt, where it was built in the style of European Renaissance architecture, knowing that when the visitor enters the palace, he finds the speech hall on the ground floor, and he can also see pictures of Ataturk hanging on the walls, and it shows his trips The first floor has a living room on its wall, Turkey’s map of Ataturk.
  • Diercla: The monastery was founded by the Byzantines, and reforms were introduced to it during the time of the Romans, and it was called (Sommla), meaning: lions, or molasses, due to its location overlooking the Black Mountain in the region of Magka, as the monastery rises its construction, oversees the plains, and the slopes that extend It includes several chapels, kitchens, and rooms to teach students, a guesthouse, a library, and others.
  • Gulbhar Khatun Mosque: Where the mosque was built by Sultan Yavuz Salim in 1514 CE, in honor of his mother.

Cultural places

The Turkish people in Trabzon are showing interest in the cultural aspects of the city, and this is evident from the presence of several cultural places visited by city tourists to learn about the civilization of the region, and from these places:

  • Trabzon Museum: The museum was built in the year 1917 AD, where it was designed with European engineering, knowing that it was the palace of a person called (Alexei Kostaki), and it is now an exhibition in which artifacts, ethnographic works of art, and others are displayed.
  • Trabzon Sports Exhibition: The cups with which Trabzon football team is crowned are displayed in the museum, the most important of which is the half-cup that the team shared in 1958 with the Ankara Havajuku Sports Club.
  • Gallery of traditional life: The exhibition is located in the (Kanuni) Corporation located in Ortahisar Province, and it is an exhibition dedicated to displaying the traditional style of life of the inhabitants in the Black Sea region, where it depicts the arts of the folkloric region, in addition to embodying the nature of the original professions.


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