The Greek island of Hydra

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The Greek island of Hydra

Hydra is located in the middle of the state of Greece and is bordered on the east by the Argolis Peninsula. Hydra is part of a group of islands centered in the Aegean Sea. The Turks called it the place of pine (Çamlıza) because of its fertility and abundance of water in it, but now it suffers from a scarcity of water and agricultural lands Where the locals are forced to collect rain water and import potable water.

Hydra Geography

This island is rocky and includes many hills and mountains, and Mount Climaki is one of the highest mountains with a summit of 600 meters. Despite the length of the coast of the island of Hydra, the presence of ports and marinas is very rare due to the intensity of the depth of the sea, and tourism and fishing are the main income of the island due to its location; therefore, the population is concentrated in the coastal areas.

Hydra Island History

The island was famous for its important role in maritime trade, especially in the late eighteenth century due to the Anglo-French conflict during the Napoleonic Wars, and the revolution was declared in Hydra in 1821, where the revolutionaries besieged the naval fleets for a period of seven years and this was one of the most important reasons for the success of the revolution and the independence of Greece, But the island suffered from economic recession after independence.

Hydra Island Highlights

There are many historical museums on the island that can be visited, including:

  • Hydra Museum of Historical Archives: It contains rare archival materials on the island’s culture and history from 1708 to 1865.
  • Hydra Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum: It is located in the ancient monastery of the Virgin Mary and includes the holy garments, utensils and gospel. This museum displays the eighteenth century period.
  • Hydra National Historical Museum: The descendants of Countryotos donated this museum after it was a palace owned by them in 1979.
  • Hydra Museum of Byzantine History Art: Located in the Kountriotos Palace, it displays the history of this family as well as the history of modern Hydra.


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