Have you ever heard of Island of pregnant women Which is located in Malaysia? Have you heard about the pregnant Virgin Island in Malaysia? If you are the first time to hear about them follow this article with me, which we will take you on a short trip to the pregnant island or the pregnant Virgin Island in the city of Langkawi, which is located 20 kilometers from the city of Kuah which is One of the most amazing Malaysian islands you shouldn’t miss.

The reason for calling this island the island of pregnant women:

The name of this real island is called Dayang Bantag Island and not the Island of the Pregnant Woman, but the reason for calling it this name is that when you stand high on this island, you can see the head of the green mountain on the island, which looks like a woman lying on her back with a belly As high as a pregnant woman.
And there is another legend about this island, which is that there was a very beautiful woman from another world other than the human world residing in this city, and she used this island as its own swimming pool, and a prince saw her and fell into her neighborhood and decided to marry her, and this prince did many Tricks and seditions in order to fall in love with him.
Indeed, the prince was able to put her in the window and married her and they had a beautiful child, but the child died when he was seven years old, and the princess was very sad about her and she threw herself on this island in order to leave the human world.

The best activities you can do on a pregnant woman island in Malaysia:

  • The island of pregnant in Malaysia is one of the most beautiful and wonderful islands that you can see in your life, as it is a popular destination for many couples who spend their honeymoon, in order to enjoy the magic of natural and pure turquoise water enjoyed by the charming island.
  • As for the activities that you can do on Virgin Island, first you can take a boat ride, which will take you on an enjoyable tourist trip between the scenic scenery, the journey starts from the port of the city of Kuah, which is the capital of the island of Langkawi, then the boat passes you through a group Great green body of water.
  • As for the western part of the Virgin Island, it has a natural reserve containing inside it a large group of monkeys, which play and jump between parts of the island, but you have to be careful if you go there as the monkeys are very tricky and smart and they may steal anything from you, or jump on you .
  • After that, you can enjoy a state of wonderful weather changes that you will only see on the island of pregnant women in Malaysia, especially during the winter season, as during very few minutes the weather clouds, the sun goes and the rains begin, but you must be careful as it may be severe sometimes .
  • But if you want to get a hotel near the Virgin Island in Malaysia, you can rent a room in the Regis Langkawi Hotel, which is one of the most beautiful and best hotels in the city and is one hour away from this island, but it is the closest.
  • So if one day you decide to visit Malaysia, a city of magic and beauty, you must visit the island of pregnant women, which myths that any woman who does not have children take a quantity of water in his pool and then becomes pregnant.

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