The most beautiful hotels in the world

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The hotel is a place where many people live for a short period of time, and beautiful hotels are the backbone of tourism and attracting tourists especially if they are equipped with distinctive features such as providing comfort, tranquility, entertainment and various services such as food and maintenance. We will mention the names of the most beautiful hotels in the world to know them in this article.

The most beautiful hotels in the world

Hilton Park Munich

The Hilton Park Hotel in Munich is a five-star hotel in Munich located close to the English Garden English gardenThe hotel features elegant, luxurious and equipped rooms, and is one of Munich’s distinctive housing options. Inside the hotel there is an indoor swimming pool, sauna and gymnasium. It also provides a coffee shop and hairdressing salon, in addition to providing internet connection for those who want to stay in the hotel. What distinguishes all rooms at the Munich Park Hilton is that they are air-conditioned, providing comfortable beds, and beverages of all kinds such as tea and coffee, fresh juices, fresh fruit, which are included with free tools for sterilization and hygiene, a flat-screen TV, and a hair dryer in every room in the hotel and include all Room has a private bathroom. What distinguishes the restaurant in the hotel is that it is open for a delicious breakfast that provides guests with an enjoyable dining experience near their room, enjoying their favorite drink and relaxing in the hotel bars in addition to many types of delicious food prepared throughout the day.

Sheraton Park Tower Hotel London

The London Park Tower Hotel is one of the most famous and well-known hotels in London, as it is a distinguished five-star hotel. Each room in the hotel carries a private place for the iPad and also a Wi-Fi network, and a TV where those who stay can watch what he wants through it, and also request the movies he wants to watch from the hotel service. The Sheraton Hotel is distinguished for its food, as it was famous for its delicious taste and varied delicacies, and the Knightsbridge area in which the hotel has a prize from the state as the best place for tea during the rest of the Kingdom as a whole.

Jumeirah Carlton London

Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel has a special place in London, it is one of the interesting hotels and in its place you find the most beautiful tourist places, and you can also shop next to it very quickly because it is very close to the charming Hyde Park area. Hotel guests can enjoy a great tour of London’s most popular tourist attractions in Harvey Nicholas, Knights Bridge, Harrods nearby. What distinguishes the hotel from other hotels except that it is next to a vibrant city, but the good reception in the hotel has a different monitor; there is an excellent reception and provides very high-end services in addition to a private driver who waits for cars abroad, and there is ironing and laundry service for clothes so that customers and residents get Adequate rest for returning to the hotel again.

Zamzam Hotel Kaaba

Pullman Zamzam Makkah Hotel, known as Zamzam Makkah Hotel, is located just steps away from the Great Mosque of Mecca. It offers several types of rooms and suites that offer stunning views of the Kaaba. Zamzam Hotel was opened in 2006, and it is located just 100 meters from the Great Mosque of Mecca. The hotel front desk remains open 24 hours, and also provides laundry facilities, comfortable beds and a peaceful atmosphere. Inside the hotel there are 1315 rooms that have been recently refurbished.


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