The most beautiful places in the tourist city of Palermo, Italy

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Palermo is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, and the most vibrant, what is its place? What are the most beautiful places to visit? What do you need to know about this city? What are the different ways to get to the city? A lot of information you will know to enjoy a unique experience and do not miss the fun in the city, so follow us.

Where is the city of Palermo located?

The city of Palermo, known to the Arabs as the city of Sicily, is the capital of the Sicily Region, which is subject to autonomy, and it is the largest city in it and in terms of its population it is about half a million people, making it the fifth city in Italy in terms of population and area after each of Rome, Milan and the cities of Naples And Turin. It is ranked thirtieth in Europe as a whole.
The city is one of the largest cultural and radiant centers of civilization and history and one of the largest administrative economic cities in the region. This is due to its ancient history, the abundance of inherited arts, and the ingenuity of engineers from ancient times in architecture starting from ancient walls to modern villas built on Liberian styles.

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The most beautiful places of tourism in Palermo:

It is indisputable that the city of Palermo is one of the best places that give its visitors a great experience, to enjoy the ancient tourist attractions and the wonderful architecture. At the same time, the tourists can enjoy their time and participate in many activities that are held in the city, why not visit?

Best time to travel to Palermo:

The atmosphere in the city is moderate throughout the year and the best time to visit it is from June to the end of September. The temperature in the city is average, while the summer is a bit hot due to the high temperature and the tourists’ visit to the city.
You can visit Palermo in the winter if you like cool and quiet places and don’t like overpopulation. They are very quiet in winter and you will have an unforgettable experience.

The best tourist places in Palermo:

Palermo Botanical Garden:

  • Not only is the garden a place to see different plants, it is also a place for research and study, and it is located on the campus of the University of Palermo, located at an altitude of 10 meters from the sea.
  • The area of ​​the Palermo Botanical Garden reaches 12 square kilometers and has many tourist attractions in addition to the comprehensive gymnasiums. It is equipped with a library that contains many rare scientific books.
  • In Haditha there are many fine and handcrafted statues in addition to the hot baths.
  • It is the most famous part of the Quadrangle Garden, which is a square decorated with flowers in a very attractive way, and in the garden you will find a barium where there are many rare water plants.

De Normandy Palace:

  • It is the main headquarters in the province of Sicily, where it is used today to hold the parliament of the region today. Evidence indicates that the palace was built in the nineteenth century, making it one of the oldest palaces in all of Europe.
  • The palace is used in a lot of things now it is the center of administration and provided with housing and has many buildings connected through private corridors and around it many beautiful attractive gardens that are designed by the most skilled orchards around the world.
  • De Normanni Palace is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations and is equipped with a chapel, huge halls and rooms to receive visitors at any time.

Mount Pellegrino:

  • The mountain is located in the southern part of Palermo, and the height of the mountain reaches 606 meters.
  • Tourists can go up the mountain to enjoy seeing the most beautiful views of the city, where you will get an incomparable panoramic picture both across the mountains and the famous sea and many of the internationally known monuments.

Quattro Square:

The square was designed according to the Baroque styles and was established in the time period between 1608 AD by specialists on the order of the caliphs in that time period.
It is one of the most beautiful architectural forms in the city where you will find a lot of elegant buildings, as you will find in quattro square wonderful fountains and statues indicating the four seasons, which is the secret of tourists visiting it annually.

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Shopping in Palermo:

  • Shopping in Palermo is an experience you have to do, whether in this city, or any of the italyn cities where you will find the best italyn and international brands, especially the Armani brand for Versace and the famous Dolce & Gabbana brand.
  • You can visit the Della Liberta square to buy what you need and explore all the streets that branch from it.
  • The Palazzo Market is one of the oldest markets in Italy, which reflects the nature of the people residing in the city and their distinctive culture. You will enjoy watching sellers sell their products, compete with each other, and try to attract buyers. You will find many tourists and italyns who bargain with sellers for the cheapest and best price to buy.
  • Carmine Square is surrounded by many streets where food products and local industries are sold, in addition to clothing manufacturers in the city, in addition to a market held near San Domenico Square, in which you will find many gifts that you can buy for your relatives at an affordable price.
  • Hotels in Palermo:

    There are a lot of hotels that you can get to in the city and where it varies greatly in what is between them in relation to the price, the beauty of the place, the elegance and elegance of the place, which makes you have a great opportunity to receive what you need at the best price and experts are always advised to get off at the hotels away from the middle of the city because of the high prices in them in addition Because of the calmness of other places because the city is very lively in the evening because of its tourism and economic activity.

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    Palermo central area:

    The city is a link between all the cities of Sicily thanks to the presence of the train in the central station, which gives you the opportunity to visit all the cities and the surrounding villages that extend on the coast of the region.
    Whether you want to explore the cultural treasures on the island, visit quiet places like Taormina or visit famous places such as Naples and Sardinia there is no doubt that Palermo is the best place from which to begin your expedition, to enjoy a tour that can not be forgotten.

    Palermo team:

    The Palermo Club is one of the oldest italyn clubs that originated in Palermo on the island of Sicily and is one of the clubs that belong to the first degree of the italyn League.
    The club was founded in 1987 AD after the previous club went bankrupt in 1900 and the club is training in its Renzo Barbera Stadium, which was built in 1932 AD and many matches of the World Cup were held in 1990 in this excellent stadium.
    The club’s primary kit is the pink shirt, the black and spare shorts are all white, and the third is black and the club president is Mauzio Zambarini.

    How to reach Palermo?

    You can board the plane, which will reach you to the city’s international airport, known as Palermo International, and many flights are carried there and from there to various parts of the world.
    You can take the train between the city, Rome and Naples.
    You can take the ferry that will take you to the port of Palermo, which includes ferries for many trips daily.

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