The city of Abha is located in the Asir region, southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered one of the most important cities where the emirate’s headquarters and ministries branches are located. It is located on the Hijaz Mountains, and it is bordered to the east and northeast by Khamis Mushait Governorate, to the northwest by Al Namas Governorate, and to the west and southwest by Muhayil Asir Governorate and Rijal Alama. The city of Abha is considered one of the most important resorts and tourist places for families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to its mild climate and height above sea level. Abha is called the bride of the mountain, as well as the lady of fog and her splendid father because of the natural beauty that characterizes her.
There are many tourist places in Abha, such as the monuments that enhance their position as an important tourist and historical destination for families, as there are ancient castles that spread throughout the city of Abha, such as the ancient Abu Khayal Castle, Shamsan Castle and the historic castle of Dagl. As well as museums witness to the history and culture of the region. Among the most important museums are the Brightest Museum of Heritage, the Raqady Museum, the Malha Palace and the Shada Archaeological Palace.
Abha Museum

Contrary to the prevailing image among some that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is arid and desert lands, Abha has violated this stereotype due to the natural resources, forest wealth and parks in which it is so beautiful, such as Al Andalus Park and Abu Khayal Garden, in addition to tourist resorts such as the famous tourist promenade resort and the green mountain that surrounds It has green terraces on each side and is lit with green lights at night. The number of tourists has increased from the families visiting Abha parks, as they find a wonderful outlet and a quiet place to spend their seasonal vacations.
Abu Khayyal Park
There are also many popular markets that are preserved in Abha, most notably the Tuesday market, the Rubooa Al Yazid market, the Sabt Bani Rizam market and the Friday market (the valleys), which offer tourists an impressive array of antiques, souvenirs and folk costumes.
Tuesday market
Abha city is famous for its cable car, which is a hanging wire carriage, which gives an unparalleled wonderful view of birds, mountains, and Abha parks in its entirety. Upon reaching Mount Abha, you will find many cafes and restaurants at the top of the mountain where you can enjoy light snacks. There are four cable car networks in the city, all of which connect to the mountains of Abha, Mount Suda and the picturesque Lake Saad, which is surrounded by hills on both sides. The highest cable car network is in Abha, at an altitude of 4.3 miles from Jabal As-Soda. This unique experience in Abha will give you a wonderful feeling of fun, entertainment, relaxation and stunning views from above.
ChairliftsThe villages in the area are among the best tourist places in Abha that families can visit. Among the most famous of these villages is the suspended village of Habla, which visitors reach either by climbing slopes or by taking a cable car, and the village is famous for trade, where many local products can be marketed. There is also the village of Muftah, which was the first project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to advance the heritage and culture of the city of Abha, which includes the King Fahd Cultural Center, the Archeology Center, the Media Center and the Muftah Theater.

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