Today we offer you a topic about tourism in Greece with pictures in order to get to know the most famous tourist places there in case you want to travel to it soon, it is characterized by the prosperity and recovery of the tourism sector as it has many wonderful destinations that attract millions of tourists from different countries of the world.
It is worth noting that the number of tourists in Greece reaches more than 20 million tourists annually. As for the location of this country, it is in southeastern Europe, and its largest city is Athens, which is the capital, and through Arab travelers we will take you on a quick tour there in order to see the best Tourist attractions worth visiting.

The most famous places of tourism in Greece pictures

1. St. Paul’s Bay

St. Paul's Bay

  • Greece has a charming nature that attracts many tourists and locals. Among the most prominent of these monuments is the St. Paul’s Bay, which is located on the island of Rhodes.
  • Besides diving, which enables you to discover the purity and beauty of the water, you can rent a small boat to wander around and explore the places around the bay.
  • After diving and wandering, you can go to restaurants in the Gulf that offer you the best Greek meals that you can enjoy while sitting in front of the sea.
  • There are many monuments in the Gulf perimeter, the most notable of which is Lindos Acropolis, which dates back to the Romen and Byzantine times, and it is a monumental city.

2. Crete Aquarium

Crete Aquarium

  • In the event that you go to Crete, do not miss the opportunity to go to the Maritime Museum, which is the perfect choice for you in the case of your desire to go with the family, especially children, as it displays a variety of rare marine creatures that come from the Mediterranean region, most notably jellyfish and sharks .
  • Inside the Crete Aquarium there is a restaurant and a café where you can rest for the finest and most delicious Greek cuisine, and certainly this place should not be left without taking more photos of the aquariums.
  • Visiting hours start from nine thirty in the morning until four in the evening, in case you go to it in the winter season, in the summer season, the visiting hours extend until seven in the evening.
  • You can visit the official website of this place to learn about the activities and events it holds by entering this link.

3. Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis of Athens

  • It is not possible to visit the capital without going to its most famous historical landmark, which is Acropolis, which is a group of temples erected on a large rocky mountain, rising 152 meters above the sea.
  • One of the most famous temples in this place is the Parthenon, which is the largest temple in Greece and consists of a group of large columns surrounding it, along with many landmarks that are worth a visit such as the Propylene Gate, which is the main entrance to the place.
  • Among the important landmarks of the place is the theater of Addion Herodis Atticus, which is one of the largest Greek theaters, along with the ancient Dionysus Theater that dates back to the Greek era, and when you climb to the top of the mountain in Acropolis you will see a wonderful scene that includes the various sights of the city.

4. The city of Fira

The city of Fira

  • It is not possible to go to Greece without visiting the charming island of Santueni, which is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to spend a special honeymoon.
  • Vera is located on the edge of a volcano with slopes of about 400 meters, and its areas are composed of a group of terraces on which many houses and churches marked by their blue domes were erected.
  • Moving between its alleys and its suburbs enables you to enjoy its beauty, as its streets are paved with walls and walls are painted in bright white, and you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sunset when you go up high there, and in that case you will see the entire sea in front of you and many of the city’s buildings.
  • Within the streets of Fira there are many shops that are different souvenir stores, as well as hotels and cafes, and you can also walk around by cycling.

This was our tour in Greece, to another meeting on a new journey from Arab travelers.

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