Guide to the best and most famous tourism companies in the Emirates, the UAE is currently considered one of the leading countries in several fields, including the field of tourism, so we will speak today on the offices of tourism companies in the Emirates, follow us on Arab travelers.

The most famous tourism company in the Emirates

The UAE is distinguished by its many tourism companies, among which are:

Fajr Emirates Travel and Tourism Company

It is considered one of the oldest companies in the Emirates, where it was established in 1994, and it is one of the companies owned by Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum Al Maktoum. These companies have several dealings with most of the major airlines in Dubai, and they book licenses everywhere around the world, where an elite company works this company It is one of the best tourism workers around the world, and it also allows car rental services, customs clearance, air freight operations and travel visas.

U Travel

The headquarters of this company are in Dubai, and it works to provide all tourism services, as it reserves hotels and resorts everywhere in the world, and U Travel cooperates with Meeting Point Company, which is one of the most famous international companies spread in twenty countries around the world, and the price of services ranges Tourist according to the variety of accommodations from three stars to four to five and so on.

Sharaf Tourism Company

The headquarters of this company is in Dubai, which is a pioneer in the field of travel and tourism in the UAE. As for the services provided by this company, ranging from booking airline tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations, renting cars, preparing tourist programs, land and sea trips, and that is in Everywhere around the world. The company has cooperated with Redus International for Tourism, and the most important characteristic of that company is that it provides the best tourism services and economic prices, whether for small international companies, government institutions or regional companies.

Arab Link Agency for Tourism and Travel

It was established in 1994, and it has an excellent and broad international network of relationships with most of the tour operators around the world, and aims to provide the highest tourism service in the Middle East region in addition to the tourist promotion for it, and works in customs clearance and cargo services and booking airline tickets and hotels .

Tourism and Trade Marketing Department Company

The headquarters of this company is in Dubai, and aims to make Dubai at the forefront of tourism fronts around the world, as it is entrusted with planning affairs for the development of the tourism sector in Dubai, and it carries out high-level advertising and marketing campaigns in the international domain as well, and has very good relations with The media, as it has 18 branches in Arab and foreign countries,
A group of other companies:

  • Royal Caribbean International CompanyAnd it is located in Dubai specifically on Sheikh Zayed Road, and you can contact the company through this site.
  • Al-Futtaim Travel CompanyAnd it is also located in Dubai on Al Rigga Street, and you can contact the company through this website.
  • Kanoo Travel Company, And its headquarters in Dubai specifically on the road to the commercial center in Al-Karamah building, and to communicate with it, you should return to this site.
  • Yourans Travel Company, It is located in Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite Noor Islamic Bank, and you can contact them here.
  • Cami Company for Tourism and Travel, It is located in Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road, and communicate with it on this site.
  • Belhasa Travel Company, It is located in Dubai on Al Maktoum Street, and contact it from here.
  • Al Tayer Travel Company, It is located in Dubai on Al Maktoum Street in Deira, and this is the area of ​​electronic communication with it.
  • Arabian Explorer Company, Dubai is also located specifically in Silicon Oasis, and contact it online here.
  • Cruise Master Middle EastBased in Dubai, specifically in the Deira area, on the road to Tariq Bin Ziyad, communicate online with the company from here.
  • Emirates Holidays Company, Located in Dubai, Deira, Clock Tower, and is contacted here.
  • IBEX Travel, Located in Dubai specifically in Al Satwa in the hospitality center, and you can communicate with the company via the Internet through the following website (the site).

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