Zapoint Dubai Palm Jambra is one of the most tourist destinations visited by thousands of tourists and citizens in Dubai continuously, to enjoy recreational activities and various offers, in addition to shopping in international stores, and spend a fun time full of joy with family and comrades, and was designed in the style of the country’s culture and heritage, As Emaar Entertainment Company, in cooperation with Al-Nakheel Company, created a site that attracts people from all seven Emirates to visit, and on its opening day thousands attended to see the celebrations that took place in it, such as the celebration of the famous international artist Enrique Iglasis, and in the following Arab travelers article we show you m Information about The Point Dubai in addition to the recreational facilities on the site.

The Point Dubai Palm Jumeirah


The Point Dubai was built on an area of ​​1.4 million square feet in the Palm Jumeirah area in the Arabian Gulf, about 5 km away from the land area, and is located in the crown area of ​​the Palm in front of the Atlantis Hotel, as it owns a 1.5 km walkway facing the waterfront, it is worth noting It contains more than seventy stores, cinemas and a dancing fountain area, and in the following lines we will show you the most prominent activities that people go to enjoy in the Dapoint Dubai.

Recreational and service facilities

Zapoint contains more than 150 restaurants that serve meals that differ in their origin, so those dishes return to different countries of the world such as dishes of Indian and Chinese cuisine, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine, which vary in providing them for main dishes, soups and appetizers, in addition to fast food, and there are a lot of The cafes that overlook the waterfront and where people go to enjoy a refreshing drink and watch the scenic water view. There are many well-known international brands in Thapuent, in addition to places designed specifically for children’s games, clubs and gyms Aqh physical and cinema halls.

The Real Zepoint cinema complex

If you are a fan of cinema and watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies, a large cinema complex has been established in Zapointe Dubai that contains five halls equipped with the best innovative technology in the screens, in addition to comfortable seat designs that give visitors a feeling of recreation while watching movies, and there is a large cinema restaurant in The complex offers a variety of dishes supervised by the famous chef Guy Fieri, and visitors can book movie tickets online through the Reel Cinema Complex website from here.

The most prominent restaurants of Dubai Point Palm Jumeirah

We also mentioned previously that Thapuent Dubai contains many restaurants that offer dishes from different eastern and western countries, in addition to places to prepare fast food, and we will show you the most prominent food that is very popular with visitors of the place.

  • McDonald’s: McDonald’s restaurant branches are spread in all Arab and foreign countries, offering burger sandwiches and soft drinks, in addition to children’s meals and ice cream, and the restaurant opens its doors every day from the beginning of ten in the morning until midnight, and for inquiries you can call: 046010600.
  • The Bilgen Waffle: The restaurant offers a variety of Belgian sweets, in addition to cold natural juices and hot drinks, and The Pilgen Waffle business hours start every day from nine in the morning until midnight.
  • The Seafood Kitchen: What distinguishes this restaurant is the presence of a section in it full of marine fish that the visitor enters and chooses from them what he wants, then tells them the cooking method that he prefers to come to him with his request in a distinctive way of presentation, and the restaurant operates from five in the evening until midnight in the days from Sunday to Thursday, but in On Saturday and Friday, his work begins early at twelve noon. For inquiries, you can call: 044595190.
  • La Brioche: This restaurant is one of the most places where visitors get rest, calm and recuperation while eating French sweets and baked goods, and the restaurant opens its doors from seven in the morning until midnight, on days from Sunday to Thursday, and extends its work to one after midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  • Movenpick Ice Cream: It is one of the restaurants that offer the types of ice cream that are distinguished by the rich Swiss taste. Working hours start at the place from ten in the morning until midnight on days from Sunday to Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday working hours extend to one after midnight.

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