We offer you a group of the most famous tourist places in Istanbul, which is one of the best tourist destinations in Turkey in particular and the world in general, if it includes many charming monuments that combine the picturesque natural places and the ancient heritage places that reflect the history of this city.
It is worth noting that Turkey in general is witnessing a great tourist turnout as the number of tourists arriving annually annually is more than 10 million tourists, and Istanbul ranks seventh in the list of the largest cities in the world and constitutes a cultural and financial center for the state, and if you plan to visit it soon, Arab travelers provide you Its most important tourist attractions worth visiting.

The most famous tourist place in Istanbul

1. Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park

  • Istanbul contains a lot of public parks, the most prominent of which is Gulhana Park, which includes vast green areas in which a lot of colorful flowers grow, which gives the place a beautiful natural scenery worth coming to in order to enjoy its aesthetic view.
  • Enjoying the beauty of this place is either by sitting in the seats designated for that, or by wandering between its green areas that include a lake and many small streams of water.
  • If you want to visit Istanbul in the spring season, then that park in that season holds a flower festival for a group of the best and most beautiful local flowers such as tulips in bright colors of red, pink and white.
  • The park contains statues of many of the most important figures in Turkey, such as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, former president of Turkey.
  • Visiting hours extend from six in the morning until ten in the evening.

2. Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque

  • Besides public parks, Istanbul is famous for its many mosques, the most famous of which is the Suleymaniye Mosque, which is called the Suleymaniye Mosque, which is witnessing a great tourist turnout from various countries of the world in order to witness the splendor of Islamic architecture in its construction.
  • The mosque’s construction dates back to the year 1550 AD, where thousands of the best engineers in Turkey worked on its construction and design, and is characterized by its unique location, as it is located on a high hill overlooking the Bosphorus coast.
  • The facade of the mosque is distinguished by its innovative design, as it is made of polished tiles with many colorful motifs, and those motifs refer to the most famous flowers, such as Al-Jouri flower.
  • Inside the mosque is the tomb of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the most famous of the sultans of Turkey, and this shrine is considered for the shrines in Istanbul, and the number of the gates of the mosque is about 11
  • In the center of the mosque square there is a path decorated with many inscriptions and motifs, and it also includes a marble cabin decorated with alabaster tiles, in addition to its many domes that vary between large and small domes that rise above the main gate of the mosque.

3. Kellyos Beach

Kelios Beach

  • In the case of your visit to Istanbul in the summer season, you of course need to dive in its beaches, the most prominent of which is the beach of Kilyos, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in that city.
  • Kailios Beach is located in the Black Sea amid stunning landscapes of hills and sand, as it is characterized by its clear waters, and for more enjoyment of the beauty of the beach you must spend it at night time in order to enjoy its cool air, besides that its magical scenery at sunset.
  • On the beach there is a private walkway that enables you to walk or ride bikes to enjoy the beauty of the beach. There are also many restaurants nearby where you can taste the best Turkish food.

4. Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds Museum

  • The Tussauds Museum joins a series of international wax museums, which number about 24 museums in cities as diverse as New York and Berlin, a place that includes many figures of the most famous figures, both in Turkey and worldwide in various fields such as art, sports and political.
  • What distinguishes this museum is that all its figures are highly accurate and proficient in their design, and it is divided into several sections according to the field, there is a music section that includes figures of famous singers such as Michael Jackson, and there is a cultural section that includes figures for scholars such as Albert Einstein.
  • Visiting hours extend from eleven in the morning until ten in the evening, and the ticket price ranges between 38 to 48 pounds, and you can visit the official website of the museum to purchase the ticket electronically through this link.

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