The most important Egyptian antiquities

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EGYPTIAN Civilization

The Egyptian civilization is not a civilization that is underestimated, it is a civilization that has its roots in the depth of history, and it is in fact not one civilization but several civilizations that followed this wonderful, rich and immaculate land, due to several factors, including the Nile, for without the Nile, this value would not have been for Egypt, Therefore, those who said that the land of Egypt is the gift of the Nile were believed, due to the intensity of the impact of this great and immortal river on it.

The most important Egyptian antiquities

Another reason that contributed to the cultural diversity in Egypt is its distinguished geographical location, which made it close to the continents of the whole world, in addition to its proximity to historical religious places such as Palestine, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Levant, which made it also a religious center to be reckoned with, as it fell on the Egyptian land Several events that made it the focus of attention of the followers of religions until the day they resurrect, and includes many wonderful monuments of Egypt that are a tourist attraction for all tourists from all over the world, and here are some of the most prominent of these monuments.


This wonderful statue is considered one of the most famous statues not only in Egypt, but also in the whole world. When the Great Sphinx was mentioned, Egypt is close to the fame of the pyramids, as it became a distinctive sign that indicates Egypt, and what distinguishes this statue is that it is a statue that merges between the body of the lion, The human head, and that it is a statue carved and built of limestone, and there are those who say that it was covered with plaster, and the Sphinx is located in the Egyptian region of Giza, to the West Bank of the Immortal Nile, and this statue is considered the guard of this region, and the length of the Sphinx reaches about seventy three One meter, and its width reaches approximately fifteen meters, at the time of that G which was introduced about six meters, which is one of the oldest known worldwide statues.


The Egyptian pyramids are considered the most important monument in all of Egypt, as they are located in the Egyptian region of Giza close to the Great Sphinx, and they were built about twenty-five centuries BC, and the number of the three pyramids, which are Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, and are considered in the basis of royal tombs carrying all One of them is the name of the pharaoh who built it, and it is the same one that was buried there.

The shrine of Ezz Bin Abdul Salam

This shrine is considered one of the most prominent mosques that were built in the time of the Ayyubid state in the region of Egypt, where this shrine is located in the area known as the orchards, and the shrine and the mosque today are in the form of remains, as it appears from its form that it dates back to the Mamluk era, and the tomb of this great Imam is composed of A square, the length of its side is estimated at fifteen meters, and it is more likely that the dome of what was above it resembles somewhat the dome of al-Ashraf bin Qalawun, and the dome of the tree of the pearl.


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