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Tourism can be defined as the process of spending time away from the housing environment, with the aim of entertainment, relaxation, and a feeling of happiness and pleasure, which is the result of modern social organizations that began in Western Europe in the seventeenth century despite their presence in classical antiquity, and tourism may be associated with activities , Interests, and various processes, leading to the emergence of many types of them; such as business tourism, sports tourism, and medical tourism.

Tourism around the world

The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations issued an annual report on global travel and tourism, clarifying the countries most attractive to tourists around the world, and this report indicated the increase in the number of tourist arrivals to more than 1.3 billion in 2020, an increase of 6.8% compared to 2016. This increase represents the largest percentage increase in just one year since 2009, and Africa and Europe are the two largest regions in terms of the increase in the number of tourists; with a rate of 9% for Africa, and 8% for Europe, and Europe received more than half of the total number of tourists in the world by a number It is 671 million tourists, while it received an African Less than a tenth of that number which is about 63 million tourists only ..

European travelers achieved 48% of foreign tourism, followed by tourists from Asia and the Pacific, where they reached 25% of the total, and from the Americas by 17%, the Middle East by 3%, and Africa by 3%, in addition to higher spending International tourism increased by 5% in the world, which amounted to $ 1.34 billion, nearly 40% of it was spent in Europe, followed by Asia and the Pacific with 29%, and the Americas with 24%. Tourism by air is the most common and used method, then for Land road, then the sea, and finally by trains.

The most important issues related to world tourism

Among the most important issues related to global tourism are the following:

  • Maintaining sustainable tourism development for the destination, by developing economic, social, cultural and natural resources.
  • Attention to the elements of security and safety, as this is an important issue that must be taken care of in the global travel and tourism industry.
  • Impact on the travel and tourism industry resulting from global economic, social, cultural and political trends.
  • Serious and organized attention to long-term tourism impacts and their preservation from various factors such as climate change and global warming.
  • Facilitating travel and work to remove barriers to travel such as visas, passports, immigration issues, airline services, fees, and delays.
  • Educating travelers and businessmen on how to make the best use of modern technology applications in tourism.
  • Understand the impact of tourism on social and economic progress.
  • The impact of health issues, political turmoil, and natural and human-induced disasters that affect travel and tourism.
  • Provide a good experience and positive impact for both the locals and tourists at the destination.

The most visited countries around the world

Among the most popular countries for tourists are the following:

  • France: France is the world’s first destination for tourism, because of its diversity in places of tourist importance, such as cultural cities such as Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, the Alps, ski resorts, beaches, picturesque French villages, wonderful parks, etc., in addition to 37 huge world heritage sites continued UNESCO, which is widely known for its outstanding global value.
  • Spain: Tourism in Spain contributes about 11 percent of GDP, which makes it a major industry for the country, and 13 Spanish cities are also UNESCO World Heritage sites, attracting foreign visitors with its charm and unique importance.
  • United State: It is a vast country that offers a large number of attractions for international travelers, as many American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas are a destination for tourists throughout the year, and the United States is visited by a number of foreign tourists from Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom, along with Domestic tourism activity in it, and the tourism industry is among the first three industries that provide the largest possible number of job opportunities in it.
  • China: China is one of the leading tourist countries in the world, due to the presence of the Great Wall of China, the five sacred mountains, the Shaolin Temple, the Huangqushu Waterfall, the Forbidden City, the Three Gorges Dam, and other sites of natural, cultural and historical significance.
  • italy: Italy is characterized by the presence of 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites, many cultural monuments, buildings, and countless archaeological sites from the Romen Empire and the Renaissance, alongside attractive Alpine villages and cities in the north of the country, and the presence of the magnificent Mediterranean coasts in the south Therefore, it is the fifth most visited country in the world.
  • Mexico: Mexico is one of the most beautiful tourist countries, due to its global beaches and resorts, which contributed to the development of the country’s tourism industry and the achievement of a leap of great growth, thanks to its cultural wealth and the UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • United kingdom: The prosperity of culture, facilities and advanced tourism infrastructure, along with tourist destinations in the United Kingdom such as the city of London, make it one of the best tourist destinations in the world.
  • Turkey: Turkey is one of the most tourist-friendly countries, due to its rich coastal resorts on the Mediterranean and Aegean, in addition to various historical sites including ancient monasteries and relics of ancient cities.
  • Germany: Germany attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world as well as from within the country, which makes tourism a major industry that contributes 4.5 percent to the national GDP, and provides 2 million job opportunities, and Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg are among the most visited cities in the country.
  • Thailand: Thailand is characterized by its scenic nature such as sandy beaches, tropical islands, rich wildlife, archaeological sites, temples and monasteries, which makes it one of the most attractive countries for tourists.

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