Dear reader, through our article today, from Arab travelers, we provide you with information about the Palm Island in Dubai, as it is one of the wonderful landmarks and tourist destinations, which attracted the attention of many citizens and tourists, from all over the world.
It is considered the largest artificial island created by man in the world, people have known it and it is famous for being in the form of a palm tree, and this huge project was launched for the first time in 2001 AD.
Where they were able to do a land reclamation process, in order to build the Palm Jumeirah, in order to accommodate the largest number of recreational and tourism facilities. This island is linked by the mainland with Dubai railway, with a length of 5.4 kilometers. Over the following lines we will talk in some detail about this amazing island, so we continued.

The most important information about the Palm Island in Dubai

  • This island consists of four main sectors, namely the fronds, the trunk, the central axis, and the crescent.
  • We find that the wide section of the trunk in the mainland is connected through the bridge, and it is considered as an entrance to the project.
  • There is another bridge that connects the trunk with the central axis, and the tunnel related to cars, it helps to connect the crescent and the central axis.
  • In addition, we find a railway line running from the crescent and the mainland, with a distance of 4.8 km, by means of the trunk and the central axis.
  • We find that the crescent is 17 kilometers in length, and the width reaches 200 meters.
  • And you have to know, dear reader, that this island was made using that sand that was broken through the floor of the Arabian Gulf.
  • But the crescent overlooking the open sea was made of mainland rocks and stones, and at the trunk of the palm tree we find facilities, apartments, and hotels.
  • In addition to the presence of a number of villas that spread on the long palm, most of the resorts and hotels are located in the crescent.
  • In this palm tree, more than 10 thousand people live, and a residence permit is granted to everyone who purchases a housing unit in this place. The prices there are different, and the price of the villa on this island is one million and 300 thousand dollars.
  • There, all recreational services, and different buildings, are available from sports clubs, hotels, upscale villas, and other services.

The three islands of the Palm Island

The Palm Island is divided into three main islands, they are: –
Deira Palm

  • It is the largest of the three islands, and we find it located somewhat away from the Deira coast in Dubai.
  • And its width reaches 8 and a half kilometers, while its length is about 14 kilometers, and its construction was completed during the year 2006 AD.
  • It has many recreational services, including clubs, hotels, marines, and various shopping centers, in addition to the presence of nearly 8 thousand residential homes and villas.

The island of Palm Jebel Ali

  • It comes second in size to size after Palm Deira, and allows you to enjoy your time and vacation full of comfort and entertainment, as it has many water games.

The Palm Jumeirah

  • If you need a place to spend a vacation, or take a break, you can go to this island as it is an ideal and comfortable place, which includes a lot of luxury apartments.

Tourist places inside the Palm Island

It has many wonderful tourist destinations, including: –

  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Dubai Zoo

We can say that this island has been built in order to increase the source of the national income of the Emirates, so that there is a limit of reliance on oil revenues, and only, but that there is another resource that provides a lot of money, and benefits the state, in addition to this this project aims to increase The length of the coastal region.

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