New guide to the most important landmarks in Abu Dhabi, with the approaching holidays, you find that there are many who plan to travel and travel to visit the hidden sites and attractions that characterize one of the countries in the world, and today our eyes are turning to the city of Abu Dhabi, located on the island of Abu Dhabi and because of its location and importance this is what Make it the capital of the United Arab Emirates to include the headquarters for the presidency of the country in addition to the headquarters of the Council of Ministers and many embassies of the world.
Perhaps this provided her with a lot of potential, especially in economic terms, due to the large number of investment projects residing on its land, which made tourism the main pillar on which the economy was built in that city, and you find that we are showing you today the most important landmarks in Abu Dhabi that you may want to visit one day.

The most important landmarks in Abu Dhabi:

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

  • This mosque was considered one of the largest mosques in the world, where it was ranked fourth because of its large capacity, which can reach up to about 40 thousand worshipers, in addition to its luxurious design that is decorated with mosaics that are fed with gold, as for its minaret, it was designed from white marble; and the mosque contains the largest hand carpet The whole world, where its area was estimated at about 5.627 m, was manufactured by the most skilled weavers in Iran, while the total cost of building the mosque was estimated at 167 million dirhams, so you should definitely visit it on your first day in Abu Dhabi.

  • Emirates Palace Hotel:

  • One of the best and most prominent landmarks in Abu Dhabi due to its distinctive construction by mixing Arab heritage with the latest engineering and technological designs in the field of architecture, and you find that the design of the hotel made it a legend in the field of architecture due to the large number of domes it possesses, which are 114 dome; It is 72.6 meters above the ground.
    From inside the hotel you find that its walls are covered with gold and pearls, as well as crystal, and if you look up, you will find 1002 huge chandeliers hanging, reaching the largest weight of about 2.5 tons, in addition to the presence of two carpets handcrafted in the shape of the hotel, the weight of each of them reached nearly a ton.
  • Heritage Village:

  • This village belongs to the administration of the heritage in the Emirates, and when you enter it you will find that it embodies the old traditional life that previously existed in the Emirates; from the life of the Bedouins, which included old fire stoves intended for boiling coffee, as well as the old traditional tents made of goat’s wool.
    You can also see the exhibits of some of the museums on display in the open air, along with some workshops devoted to ancient handicrafts such as pottery and other products, or go to the spice and natural herbal store to choose from as you like.

  • Al-Maqtaa Fort:

  • This fort was established at the beginning of 1793 AD with the aim of protecting the emirate from the dangers of attacks that come from the bandits and enemies, to later become one of the most important heritage monuments in Abu Dhabi, and therefore you find it trying to preserve it by restoring it several times over the past years, and the fort was in the past a center Sheikh Shakhbut ruled from him, and after that, he became the seat where conflicts are resolved and members of the emirate’s ruling family meet.

  • Yas Marina Formula Circuit:

  • If you think that the landmarks of Abu Dhabi depend on their heritage only, then you are wrong. There is the Yas Marina Formula Circuit, located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, which is designated as a track for car racing, and this track witnessed the first race for the Etihad Airways Grand Prix for Formula 1 in 2009. Where the race extended to about 5.55 km.
    As for the track itself, you find it has been divided into two different tracks in terms of length, the first reached about 3.1 km, and the second estimated its length by approximately 2.4 km, which made it a suitable place to hold a lot of various sporting events that allow its covered tracks to expand to 50 thousand viewers for these events, so no Miss a visit to watch one of the games on the track.

  • Abu Dhabi Leaning Tower:

  • It is considered one of the most famous destinations in Abu Dhabi, because it was introduced to the Arab travelers Genius as the first inclined tower that was built by man; it was estimated to be about 160 m in length to accommodate within 35 floors, and was built at an inclined angle of 18 degrees, which is the secret of its attraction to Aside from being the tallest tower in Abu Dhabi, don’t miss to see the gateway to the capital with its breathtaking architectural design.

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