The most important sights in Frankfurt

المسافرون العرب

Caesarean section

The Kaiserdom is an ancient archeological cathedral, dating back to the thirteenth century AD, and previously represented the election center of the Holy Romen Emperors, and throughout its history underwent restoration and reconstruction work after being damaged, and today it appears as an architectural masterpiece in the Gothic style.

Old Opera House

The Old Opera House was built in Frankfurt at the end of the eighteenth century AD, but it was destroyed during the Second World War. It was rebuilt with the same previous design, and still hosts many concerts, shows, and national and international bands. .

The Stadl Museum

The Städel Museum is a wonderful art museum that includes one of the most important art collections in European art history between the fourteenth and twentieth centuries. These works are from German and international artists, such as Matisse, Dürer, Botticelli, Rembrandt and Vermeer , And others.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art is housed in a building with astonishing architectural design. It is very similar to a slice of cake, which is the name given to it by the local population. This museum, which was opened in 1991, includes many international art collections.

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German Film Museum

The German Film Museum is located on the bank of the Frankfurt River, and includes pieces, works that express the history and art of animation, in addition to advanced practical exhibitions, and a theater to display films in original copies.

Romerberg Square

Römerberg Square is an ancient square, a lively and vibrant area with a monument of the Source of Fountain, surrounded by ancient buildings with its half-timbered walls dating back to the centuries.

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Frankfurt Historical Museum

Historisches Museum Frankfurt includes works and historical pieces that express the history of the city of Frankfurt, including textiles, costumes, sculptures, paintings, musical instruments, ceramics, technology shows, and others.

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