The most important tourist attractions in Sarajevo

المسافرون العرب

Ghazi Khusrow Bey Mosque

Al-Ghazi Mosque Khusro Bey is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sarajevo, it is the largest historical mosque in the country; it was built in 1532 AD in the old city of Sarajevo, and it is worth noting that it serves as a center for Islamic society in the city; it is an example of the famous Ottoman architecture in the country, and it is located in Outside the mosque is a beautiful open courtyard and fountain, and the main entrance is decorated with Islamic designs and patterns, in addition to containing a number of domes, which is one of the distinguishing features of the Ottoman mosques, but the mosque was severely damaged during the Civil War, and in 1996 the reconstruction of the mosque was D top priority in the country; and given the centrality of the culture of the city.

Latin Bridge

The Latin Bridge is one of the oldest Ottoman bridges in Sarajevo, and it is believed that it was built in the middle of the sixteenth century, and it is a small bridge consisting of three arches and a pointed summit in the middle, and it is mentioned that the northern end of the bridge witnessed the assassination of Archduke France Ferdinand, which is the cause of the outbreak of the World War First, since the assassination took place close to this bridge, and on the bridge there is a sign depicting this incident.

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Bey Mosque

Bey Mosque is considered one of the ancient architectural landmarks that deserve to be visited in Sarajevo. It was built during the Ottoman period, and the mosque represents one of the largest mosques in the country, and therefore it is considered an important part of Sarajevo, and the mosque opens its doors to Muslims and non-Muslims, but women must cover the hair , And wearing decent clothes to enter this mosque.

Sarajevo City Museum

Sarajevo City Museum is located in the old city, and it opened late, but it belongs to the previous times of modern times, and it is indicated that it contains a large group of restaurants that serve local and international cuisine, as well as shops, and many tourist attractions, despite the Small in size; however, the museum contains many cultural and historical monuments that are worth exploring.

Other attractions in Sarajevo

Sarajevo includes many other tourist attractions, including the following:

  • The old town hall, which is the most beautiful building of the Hungarian era in Sarajevo, was destroyed during the 1990s, and in 2014 it was reopened.
  • Sarajevo Cable Car.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Historical Museum.
  • Life Tunnel: This tunnel was the only link for Sarajevo with the outside world, during the 1992-1995 blockade when the country was surrounded by Bosnian Serb forces, and the length of this tunnel is 800 meters, and its width reaches 1.6 meters, and is located between two houses on both sides of the airport highway.

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