Every traveler dreams of the absolute comfort that air travel provides on first class, and if traveling on the first class in the past is impressive, it is nowadays a luxury and luxury in a place, after the airlines have become providing luxurious interior designs, sleeping beds and high-quality entertainment Style, gourmet food and customized services vary from staying in a private villa, transfer to the airport in luxury cars and special check-in procedures.
The field of travel has witnessed a return to air travel in first class again, and we review below the five best airlines in the world.

Virgin Atlantic


Virgin Atlantic Airways has gained wide popularity all over the world thanks to the facilities and excellent services it provides to its travelers, as it offers seats that turn into beds surrounded by separation walls, providing the comfort and privacy necessary to relax. Onboard entertainment options include many movies, paid channels and direct sports channels. The delicious meals served on board are prepared by the most famous chefs in the world in addition to the different types of drink that are provided on all long flights, and additional benefits can be enjoyed. Such as private chauffeur service, private and secure check-in, access to its famous club, as well as delicious dishes prepared by Chef / Lauren Pascal.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has a reputation throughout the world for its high quality and luxurious services provided to First Class travelers. Qatar Airways knows very well how to delight its passengers with first class through the delicious dishes prepared by the best chefs, Giorgio Armani gifts and sleeping compartments, and the comfortable flat beds with the soft covers ensure you get enough rest and regular sleep before reaching your destination. First-class passengers on Qatar Airways enjoy joy and delight thanks to their mobile talk services, entertainment systems and dishes prepared by two of the best and best-known chefs, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Venet Bhatia!

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways has elevated the concept of luxury travel to a new level, as it offers two types of luxury services – “Ewan” cabin and first class. As for the services of the “Iwan”, it is available in its fleet of Airbus 380, and the accommodation is in a luxurious cabin with a living room, a separate bedroom, and a bathroom. The residence also includes a private butler and chef, as well as concierge services. Known as the “First Class Residence”, the First Class houses a luxurious leather chair and a comfortable bed. Guests enjoy the travel supplies provided by Le Lapu and a variety of “Bergamot” products. Fine dining includes world-class award-winning dishes featuring seven items, a menu of premium beverages and juices prepared by on-board chefs.

Fly Emirates


Emirates Airlines is one of the famous airlines in the Middle East that has reformulated the concept of luxury air travel in the first class, through its distinguished wing that includes a seat that can be transformed into a bed rich and comfortable. The desired comfort can be achieved thanks to the ambient light and the entertainment system, which includes a variety of films, TV shows and sports. The food includes juices and delicious drinks in addition to an award-winning menu, served on dishes made of fine porcelain. There is also a spa that provides you with toiletries from (Bvlgari), and flights on the Airbus 380 are distinguished by the presence of a large lobby where travelers meet and chat like in the clubs!

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers first-class services, ultra luxury, which includes special suites for a new concept, with a spacious personal cabin designed by Frenchman Jean-Jacques Coast, designer of French luxury yachts, in addition to the luxurious leather chair that simplifies to become a full bed, and provides entertainment services “Chris World” from Within a 23-inch screen, it has more than 1000 entertainment options such as movies, music, games and applications. This system is characterized by the presence of noise-canceling headphones designed by Bose. Delicious dishes are served on board, prepared by some of the best chefs in the world.

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