Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries located in Southeast Asia and the most popular. It is an important destination in global tourism destinations, as it has many tourism components that distinguish it from others. It is full of sandy beaches known all over the world in addition to the presence of beautiful islands and is also famous for the good extent Wood inhabitants with an abundance of all kinds of exotic tropical fruits and wonderful food is really a great tourist destination.

The most beautiful places in Thailand:

There are many tourist places in Thailand that amaze all tourists when visiting with its magnificence, which we will mention in this matter. In Thailand, the population of them is about 67 million people. Thailand is located next to many Asian countries and among the most important of these countries are “Malaysia and Myanmar” “And you can, dear tourist, when you want to travel to Thailand, it is preferable to go to it at the best time when the weather is unique, which is from November to February and you will enjoy a lot.

The most beautiful tourist places in the cities of Thailand, which are:

First: the most beautiful tourist places in Thailand Bangkok:

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, which includes many historical and ancient tourist attractions as well. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Thailand, where you find many famous tourist attractions that have affected tourism greatly, where many tourists come to enjoy it and one of the best tourist places in it she:
  • Wat Arun Temple.
  • The Grand Palace.
  • Safari World Bangkok.
  • Siam Park City Bangkok.
  • Dusit Zoo.
  • Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World.
  • Dream World.
  • Lumpini Park.

Second: The most beautiful tourist places in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

It is the city of Chiang Mai, or as it is called the North Rose, and that indicates something, it indicates the extent of its magnificence and the beauty of its picturesque nature, which captures the hearts of its visitors and nature lovers. It is located on the banks of the Ping River, as it is the second largest city found in Thailand and one of the most famous tourist places in it is :

  • Doi Antanon National Park.
  • Chiangmai Zoo.
  • Night safari park.
  • Elephant Garden in Chiang Mai.
  • May Ya waterfall.
  • Monzathan waterfall.
  • Hawaii Caio Waterfall.
  • Old town.
  • Night market in Chiang Mai.
  • Golden Mountain Temple.

Third: The most beautiful tourist places in Phuket Thailand:

Phuket is called the Pearl of the South and is the largest in the area between the islands of Thailand and the most famous than others thanks to the charming nature that is distinguished with the diversity of terrain and its components. Enjoy seeing it is:

  • Ban Naa Bay.
  • Bang Bai Waterfall.
  • Fantasia Phuket.
  • Water Park Jungle Splash.
  • Phuket Tigers Kingdom.
  • Phuket Aquarium.
  • Phuket Zoo.
  • Phuket Old Town.
  • Giant Buddha statue.
  • Wat Chalong Temple.

Fourth: The most beautiful tourist places in Thailand, Pattaya:

The city of Pattaya is the favorite city for many tourists as you can visit at any time throughout the year as it is characterized by its pleasant climate throughout the year with the charming nature and modern appearances in the entire city of markets, restaurants and places of entertainment and other wonderful appearances as it is one of the most important tourist cities in Thailand that It has a high turnout of tourists and among the most important and most important tourist places in it are:

  • Pattaya Park.
  • Nong Nuch Tropical Garden in Pattaya.
  • Million years rock garden and crocodile farm.
  • Mini Siam Pattaya.
  • The Underwater World of Pattaya.
  • Cartoon Network Amazon Park.
  • Gomatin Beach.
  • Tigers Park.
  • The floating market in Pattaya.
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
  • Gallery of Art Paradise Pattaya.

Fifth: The most beautiful tourist places in Thailand, Kusamoy:

This wonderful city is the city of Kosamoy, is an open resort and welcomes all tourists who go to it for enjoyment and recreation, it includes many wonderful hotels and resorts that attract tourists to go to and is characterized by calm as there are many waterfalls and charming natural and breathtaking landmarks and the best tourist places in them are:

  • Na Muang Waterfall in Kuusamo.
  • Na Muang Safari Park.
  • Samui Aquarium and Tiger Park.
  • Mu Quang Thong National Marine Park.
  • Secret Buddha Garden.

Sixth: The best islands in Thailand:

Thailand includes a group of islands that contain many scenic landscapes, to which many tourists from all places are attracted and from the most beautiful islands in the entire world, these islands are distinguished from others by the magnificence and beauty of nature and the distinctive tropical climate in addition to it includes many tourist facilities The mission includes many great restaurants, hotels, the store and everything the tourist needs. We hope you will visit Thailand and enjoy all the cities and tourist places in it.

  • Krabi Island
  • Phuket Island.
  • Samui island.
  • Ko Phi Phi Island.
  • The famous island of Koh Tao

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