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The oldest city in Palestine

Jericho is considered the oldest city in historic Palestine, which in turn has the advantage of being the lowest spot in the world, and it is also one of the first cities inhabited by human societies, due to its important strategic location in linking ancient societies that have risen in Egypt, the Levant, and Mesopotamia, as The crossing point of the commercial caravans was their transportation, and the ancient city of Jericho was called the city of the moon, which is the name of Canaanite, and the Hebrews who occupied it called it Jericho.

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The city is located in Palestine, west of the Jordan River that separates Palestine from Jordan, and north of the Dead Sea. The city is characterized by one type of terrain, namely the Jordan Valley, and the city is located below sea level with a number equal to 258 meters.

Population and climate

In the statistics of 2013, the population reached 21,411 thousand people, and the population speaks the Arabic language, the Islamic religion and the Christian religion are the two official religions in the city, and the population works in agriculture, industry, and handicrafts, while the climate is a moderate climate in winter, hot dry in summer, and characterized by The city has abundant water in it, due to the abundance of natural eyes stemming from the underground of the earth, and its soil is considered one of the best types of agricultural soils, because it contains natural organic materials.

A simple overview of the history of Jericho

The city of Jericho dates back more than 10,000 years BC. It was one of the first cities to embrace the human dynasties that lived in the first time. The city of Jericho has gone through several historical eras, and it is manifested in: The first primitive societies ten thousand years ago, then followed by the Stone Age Its inhabitants were the Canaanites, then in 1750 BC the city was occupied by the Hyksos groups, and their rule over it continued for 150 years, then came the occuAl Bahahn of the Children of Israel who burned the city with its inhabitants, then the era of Moabites who liberated the city from the defile of the occuAl Bahahn of the children of Israel, followed by the classic era represented In the rule of the sons of Persia, and then ages Islam in all its phases, until the rule reached the Ottoman caliphate that weakened its last days, then the city was occupied after the First World War by the state of Great Britain, and Jericho entered during the era of the British Mandate, then the city was subject to the administration of Jordan administratively, and then the Israeli occuAl Bahahn of it in 1976 AD, and in In 1994, the city entered under the rule of the Palestinian National Authority, taking parts of it to build Zionist settlements, and some official Jewish centers.

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