Rowing … is your age imagine trying the subject of rowing in the Nile by yourself?

Rowing is ok, I need to take a course to know how to blasphemy?

Do I have a boat or rowing equipment?

Come on, I will answer you to everyone in your brain:

First of all, the place that a sponsor will talk about will change your mood and teach you a new need that you enjoy and the negative energy comes to you, and if you try it once, you will add to the topic very much.
You do not have to be a professional player or be a rowing person before you use it, and you do not have to know how to float too, so how?
In this place, you will find a captain named Judah whose role is summarized in two points:
This game teaches you in 10 minutes
You have to come out happy from him.
Of course, if you don’t know, you will have a live jacket and a cold that comes down with you and with your hands a boat for beginners, but if you do not swim and do not fear you will try all the boats to the professional boats.

Ok, what are the appointments, what is the time, and what is the payment system?
This place opens from 3 pm to 7 pm, and if you have a group, you can have a special generation of 7 am.

the prices :

You can go at once, and its price will be 80 pounds, and take the boat any number of hours, even if from an hour it opens 3 o’clock to 7 o’clock, meaning 4 hours. You enjoy rowing and the Nile for 80 pounds.
You can take a course 8 times a month for 300 pounds, that means 37.50 pounds ? And not only that, you will have a fitness course that teaches you and how cool the course is by taking the boat as you like it means it is not linked to the watch.

And based on his idea, he has a dragon boat, and this will be known to people who have traveled on land and tried paddling. This is a large boat that can carry 16 individuals and is very enjoyable. And it has a special price according to the number of individuals to it.
There is a cold in sail training, and a symbolic price is cold and the same number of hours as a boat.
If you are a swimmer, try really watering there and you will feel more pleasure than swimming in the sea or swimming pool, and it is not fading without bilharzia or crocodiles because the water is running and it is not lying down so it is very safe.


There are bathrooms to shower and change clothes, so your thighs can wear you dress, and you are satisfied.
The topic is useful for girls, boys and all ages, even if you have 80 years


Giza Yacht Club. If the metro passenger got down to the opera station, and the first thing you saw from the station, I walked up to the Sheraton Hotel, and the first thing that arrived at Adilah Hotel was your time. Go to the street. Ask the Giza Yacht Club. You will meet very well. Sibak from the first gate And the words of security captain Judah.

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