2020 promises to be a special year in the field of tourism and travel, as there are many new destinations that have opened their doors to tourists. But what distinguishes 2020 from its predecessors? It is the year that came after the end of the isolation of Cuba, and a solution to the civil war in Colombia, which is the year that will witness the intensification of the reconstruction efforts in Nepal, which are recovering from the effects of the earthquake, and even Mongolia located between Russia and China, has many adventures and experiences to advance during the current year, As for Myanmar, which was once isolated, it also began to open up and address its internal problems.

1- Cuba

Holiday -May_the-ten-countries-tourism-in-2017_1_343045349This Caribbean country recently returned to its tourism map in 2020 after the end of its international isolation and openness in diplomatic relations between it and the United States of America. But Cuba remains a mysterious destination, as this tropical paradise still seems to live in a previous era, as jazz music, old cars and hotels designed in the modern classic style, in addition to its distinguished beaches, are spread.

2- Nepal

Holiday -May_the-most-ten-countries-tourism-in-the-year-2017_2_366785876The devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 paralyzed the entire country, yet it is back on its feet again after a massive reconstruction effort. You can contribute to these efforts by visiting these countries in 2020, and providing support to local communities by staying in family hostels instead of hotels, and you can contribute to some volunteer work, while enjoying your mountain trips to Everest and the Himalayas.

3- Colombia

Holiday -May -Top-Ten-Countries-Tourism-in-2017_3_170733701The historic peace agreement between the Colombian government and the communist rebels put an end to one of the longest civil wars in the world, to a general feeling of optimism in those countries, especially with the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to the country during the year 2020. We recommend that you not limit your visit to the capital, Bogota, where you can Explore many beautiful cities like Cartagena, Medellin and Cali.

4- Russia

Holiday -May_the-ten-countries-tourism-in-2017_4_232725670All regions of Russia are experiencing a massive reconstruction movement because they are the host country for the World Cup in 2020, so now is the time to visit various Russian cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Sochi, etc., but these cities are not the only attractions in the country, where you will find in the north landmarks Amazing natural nature, such as the vast forests of Siberia, Lake Baikal or Kamchatka Peninsula, in addition to many natural parks and vital oceans.

5- Myanmar

Holiday-May-Ten-Countries-Tourism-in-2017_5_139085918Located in the far southeast of the Asian continent, Myanmar has transformed from a secluded country under military dictatorship to a country that has a democratically elected government and is among the most beautiful destinations in the region with Buddhist temples and Asian folk markets, as well as its major cities such as the capital. Naypyidaw ”and the cities of“ Yangon ”,“ Bagan ”and“ Mandalay ”which are the main destinations in the country, and the most prominent landmarks that attract tourists are the archaeological site of“ Marawak Yu ”, Lake“ Minshuang ”,“ Callao ”area, and others.

6- Iceland

Holiday-May_the most-ten-countries-tourism-in-2017_6_143438332It is an island of contrast and dramatic beauty, Iceland is among the best destinations to visit during 2020, thanks to its amazing waterfalls, famous straits, glaciers and active volcanoes, in addition to mineral springs and hot springs. It is the land of legends whose natural features are associated with many Scandinavian folk tales. Once you exit Reykjavik from the capital, you will find yourself in front of wide lawns where horses fly freely amid breathtaking scenes.

7- Uruguay

This South American country remained for two centuries under the shadow of two giant countries, Brazil and Argentina, before it recently acquired its status as a well-developed and stable travel destination within Latin America. With a lot of beautiful memories, you will leave Uruguay in the capital, Montevideo, this wonderful global city that includes many of the best attractions such as the “Colonia del Sacramento” or “Punta de Este”.

8- Oman

Holiday-May-Ten-Countries-Tourism-in-2017_8_465501197The Sultanate of Oman is one of the most beautiful countries in the Arabian Gulf naturally, and it has succeeded in preserving its heritage and identity despite the boom in marketing and the recent spread of luxury hotels and resorts in its parts. Oman is famous for its luxurious accommodations, its popular cuisine, and the picturesque nature of the Hajar Mountains and Musandam Peninsula, in addition to the deserts of Salalah. Muscat is currently witnessing the construction of more new landmarks such as “Galaxy of Oman”, the amusement park which cost $ 120 million to construct, and which is expected to open in 2020.

9- Mongolia

Holiday-May-Ten-Countries-Tourism-in-2017_317577188With its location between Russia on the one hand and China on the other hand, Mongolia has opened to tourism in an unprecedented way in recent times, as it has become a desirable destination for travelers who prefer to enjoy nature and foreign activities, thanks to its vast wilds and picturesque nature, along with the reputation of its people for their hospitality. Although the tourism infrastructure in Mongolia is not at the same level as the neighboring countries, the capital “Ulaanbaatar” is developing at an accelerated pace thanks to the urban revival and economic prosperity.

10- Finland

Holiday -May -Top-Ten-Countries-Tourism-in-2017_10_4854645702020 marks a special occasion in Finland, which celebrates the centenary of its independence, an event of great importance to the citizens of this country, because Finland was a region of conflict that spanned more than 800 years between Russia and Sweden, before it finally gained independence in 1917. On this occasion you witness Every village, city and region has special events and occasions such as outdoor concerts, public culinary gatherings, as well as lots of sporting activities and travel specials.

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