Due to the presence of many different museums that contribute in a large part to increasing the internal and external tourism of the Indonesian state, and one of the best museums in Jakarta is the Shadow Puppet Museum, which displays the art of Wi Yang, which is known as the theatrical art that performs The art of theater through human beings and brides, and uses them to materialize the various dramatic and acting works,

It is worth noting that these brides are manufactured from raw leather and some wood, which makes them one of the best tools that perform their role in the theater accurately, and it is worth noting that the Wai Yang Museum or which means the Shadow Puppet Museum contains a different variety of bridal forms Which has been made by many famous Indonesian artists and it also contains many brides that have come from some other countries.

It is also worth noting that the Wai Yang Museum was established when the ruling king of Jakarta came in the second week, which was showing a dramatic drama using shadow brides, which were in 1974 AD and at that time the local committees and everyone who admired this theatrical performance. Wonderful, where they allocated one of the best monuments in Jakarta and named it Wai Yang and they have declared it the first museum of shadow brides in the year 1975 AD, and this wonderful museum contains a variety of leather brides, which are characterized by the name Yi Yang And it contains various shapes and types, which protect Many different names, the most important of which are Yigoku Suman, Nagabin, Sora Carta, Bathtub Mas, Sir Yipon, Giddog, Sadat, Physical and Crossel, and Sask also. It also contains a variety of delicious wooden brides, the most important of which are Qatar and Ybon’s plumber and Kibumen, Pikallo Jan, Bandung, Jandala Jandala, also includes the Shadow Puppet Museum, which is known as the Yuyang Museum, which contains an impressive collection of brides that have been collected from the Sir Yipun, Bali and Central Java regions, and this also contains this The wonderful museum contains many different exhibitions, which are made of zinc and glass, and it also includes it A wonderful and amazing collection of international paintings and different drawings, whose main habitat is in the various countries, the most important of which is Malaysia, the Sleeping Wall, France, Cambodia, and Thailand, and it is worth noting that these great historical exhibits found in the museum have got the status Wonderful on the World Heritage List organized by the United Nations, and that was in 2003 AD.

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