Guide to the names of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bucharest Romenia is recommended to visit from the experiences of travelers, Bucharest was able to prove itself as one of the unique hidden gems, which is located in Eastern Europe, that charming city is the capital of the state of Romenia and one of its largest cities that raises the eyebrows of its visitors from the first sight of their visit.
As this city has become one of the tumultuous global developed cities after the era of communism has ended, and the city includes many cultural, technological and economic development in addition to the development of its accompanying services, this city has been able to preserve the beauty of its historical and cultural architecture, and this city is located on an area of ​​about 228 km .
Europeans call it Las Vegas Europe while Arabs see it as a city for a thousand nights, as the people of imagination call it the city of legends, that city that is filled with permanent movement and life so the visitor never feels alien, and it is considered one of the cities in which myths mix with facts, as it mediates Dembovita River to make it cut in half to look as if it extended its wings in charm and pampering.
This city is distinguished by its distinguished strategic location. Bucharest is the economic and political capital of Romenia, which is the main commercial center of the country, and the population of it exceeds two million and three hundred thousand people, and it is considered one of the cheapest European cities for five-star residency, and it occupies the fourth place among the cheapest cities in the world to live in the global list We will get to know her in more detail on Arab travelers.

Best places of tourism in Bucharest Romenia:

Old town:

  • Its history dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries. In previous times it was the seat of government, as it was considered an important commercial center in Bucharest, and it contains a number of monumental buildings and historical churches, which, despite their restoration, are still preserved in their old Romen style. Inside it is a pleasure in itself, as it is possible to see many ancient buildings and ancient churches where the enjoyment of the splendor and fragrance of the past, and it is possible to buy souvenirs and shopping from the old town that contains many shops, and the most famous streets of the old town There is a street in the town of Liskani, located in the south of the town, and there is also the famous Jaberfouni Street.
  • It is possible to visit the ancient churches, as the old town contains many churches that are famous for their unique architecture and wonderful decorations. Among the most famous of these churches are the Church of Celary, Stavropolis and Rlatary, all dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • It also contains many old cafes dating back to ancient times, when the old town was located on the commercial road linking the West and the East, as traders used to visit it during their short visit to the town.
  • It also contains the square, which is located next to the ancient court of the tiles, and this field is famous for containing many monuments and walls that are still remaining from the royal court. The field also includes the palace, the church, several reception halls and a number of famous parks located on large areas, which were recently restored to be an area Closed.
  • The streets of the old town include many restaurants that offer different tastes of the most delicious and delicious international dishes.

Dracula Castle (Bran):

This castle is considered a landmark worth visiting while in Bucharest, this castle is famous for the mystery surrounding it because of the Count Vlad, who was the ruler of the country during the Middle Ages, and Bran Castle was the seat of government, and was known about the Count Vlad with his blood, which was written by the Irish writer Bram Stocker, the famous Dracula novel, so this castle attracts many tourists every year in order to get acquainted with its history. This castle was built on a hill surrounded by forests and trees from all sides.
The number of its rooms is 57 rooms, all rooms tell the history of Romenia, which lived in the Middle Ages, and the rooms contain many armor, weapons, furniture and many things dating from the period between the 14th to the 19th century, and on top of the castle there is the open museum, which is an ethnographic museum It houses many houses in the local Romenian countryside, this museum is fully equipped with antiquities, and all the requirements of any home where there are many pieces of paint that were worn by the indigenous people of Romenia during the Middle Ages.

Bucharest Botanical Garden:

It is considered the first botanical garden established in the city, and its history dates back to the 1860s when it was first opened in 1891, and the garden contains more than 10,000 different types of plants, including a thousand non-local species where they were brought in from many countries around the world, and in the garden is Providing all environmental facilities and necessary care through the green houses spread in the garden, which are necessary for the growth of plants imported from abroad.
It is possible to spend the best times amid greenery and fresh air, in addition to the garden that contains many small lakes intended for the growth of certain weeds and plants, and there are some lakes such as frogs and fish in the lakes, and inside the garden there is a museum that includes many plants and dried seeds and many stuffed animals and rodents And insects.

Natural History Museum :

It is considered one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Bucharest, and its establishment dates back to the 19th century. This museum includes many marine and wild animals, including extinct animals, so all animals are stuffed inside the museum, and it also contains many structures of dinosaurs of various kinds as well as many structures of creatures that lived in the deep time .
Inside the museum there are many types of invertebrate and vertebrate animals, rodents, insects and groups of rocks and minerals, and there are also many types of practical and interactive displays, and three-dimensional films are available, and on the lower floor of the museum there are artificial caves that contain many Romen plants and animals That lives in the environment of the state of Romenia.

Romenian Palace of Parliament:

It is considered the largest administrative building in the world where it is said that it is the second building globally after the Pentagon, as it is also considered the most expensive civil administrative building ever, the costs of this building reached about 2 billion pounds, and it is considered one of the most luxurious administrative buildings at all, and this palace consists of twelve floors higher The land also contains 4 floors below the ground. The building contains more than 1100 rooms. This palace is known as the Palace of the People among the people of Romenia. The palace inside contains many vast halls, and the tour within this palace takes about an hour.

Cismigiu Park:

It is one of the oldest parks in Bucharest, and one of its largest parks. This park is located in the city center, and was established in 1845 and opened to visitors in 1860, and more than three hundred thousand species of plants and trees were brought to it from the highlands and mountains of Romenia, and some types of plants were brought in. From the botanical garden located in Vienna, this garden contains a lot of trees, green spaces and flowers, and the garden is famous for its paths surrounded by dense trees, and there are a lot of statues spread over the garden for the most famous Romen figures, and inside the park there is a lake of comfort that can be explored and enjoy Hee out by renting a boat to enjoy a stroll around the impressive nature of the magnificent scenery and greenery.

Heristrau Park:

It is considered one of the largest parks in the world, where it is accepted to visit the Romenians in particular on Sunday for the purpose of meeting and hiking, this garden contains more than ten thousand different types of plants, and the garden includes two areas, the first is a natural area that contains many golf clubs and yachts It includes a diplomatic club, while the second area is a region dedicated to recreational activities such as games for children, jogging and hiking. There is a rural museum inside which contains 60 original houses, many windmills, farms and water mills, and contains many churches dating to a disturbing era. In it, there is also a souvenir shop inside which you can buy a souvenir in order to document the visit to that wonderful place.

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