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Bali island

Bali Island, Indonesia Warm weather with daily rain, even for a few hours, as tourism is also active in this season.

The island of Bali also boasts a large number of tourism components that attract a large number of tourists in every season, especially tourists looking for beautiful beaches and fresh water, and who wish to practice various water sports.

Tourist places on the island of Bali


  • Kuta Beach is one of the most visited beaches of Bali by tourists and locals, due to its soft sand suitable for picnics and solariums, in addition to the large number of high waves that reach it, which makes it a suitable place for surfing.
  • Nusa Dua Beach, this beach is characterized by offering a large number of activities and activities throughout the day non-stop, such as Banana ships and the pleasure of hand rowing, in addition to a number of water sports, the most important of which is the umbrella ride over the water.
  • Jimbaran Beach, this beach is known to contain a large number of restaurants in close proximity to each other on its fine sand, which offers a variety of fresh seafood and popular local meals.

Lake Paratan

The trip from South Bali to the picturesque Lake Paratan takes approximately two hours in the car, but it is a worthwhile trip in addition to the low cost of taxi fare there, where tourists can enjoy the scenic views during the trip, until they reach the lake and enjoy the unique view it contains from A floating temple in the middle of its waters surrounded by light fog and cool air.

Bike ride in Ubud

Nature lovers can enjoy riding a bike through the natural painted roads in Ubud, and enjoy seeing the villages and small towns on the island that are scattered around these roads, in addition to enjoying the beauty of orchards and rice plantations spread across large areas on the sides of roads, and heron, which is found there especially In the evening hours.

Keshak dance in the Ulu Wattu temple

This dance appeared in the thirties of the last century, after one of the German visitors taught the local people a theatrical show called the Kashak, and this theatrical performance turned over time into a dance of the temple in Ulu Palu, which revives it every evening without music, drum or singing, The dance will accompany the chant of the dancers and viewers of the word “Cak” throughout the dance period.

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