Tourism in Hamburg

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Hamburg is one of the most beautiful and largest German cities that a large number of tourists go to for tourism, recreation and vacation, because it includes many diverse tourist places, in addition to the diverse and comprehensive services provided to its employees; therefore we will talk here about the most important and most important tourist places in it, which includes the following.

Tourism in Hamburg

One of the most important tourist areas in the city of Hamburg :

  • Hamburg Port: It is classified as the third largest port in the world as a whole after the Port of London and New York, and was established about eight hundred years ago, and is considered a tourist destination for many, so that a boat can be boarded and enjoy the surrounding views, as it includes many restaurants and hotels.
  • Reeperbahn: Or as some call it the red light district, which is the most famous street in the city, and it includes a series of restaurants, bars and museums.
  • Hamburg Fish Market: It includes all kinds of seafood, especially the fresh ones, in addition to that it sells various nuts and fruits, and opens on Sunday from five to nine o’clock.
  • Hamburg City Hall: It is a beautiful historical building, which everyone is heading to enjoy a quiet and romantic session, located near the town hall, and includes many artifacts and statues, in addition to a huge hour located in the middle of it and reaches a height of one hundred and twelve meters above the ground level.
  • Lake Alster: It is located in the center of the city and is distinguished by its blue waters, taking its water from the Alps, and it is considered an entertainment place surrounded by a group of beautiful parks and gardens.
  • Reeperbahn Street: The city is also in the middle of it, with a series of restaurants, bars and clubs tonight, which make it a noisy street.
  • Hamburg Central Station: It is a central station for global transportation, and it is the second largest port on the African continent, it includes a railway in addition to a global airport, and it also provides many different tourism services for people traveling through it.
  • Hagenbeck: A zoo where tourists and families go to, which includes more than two thousand five hundred animals living in artificial forests interspersed with trees and desert scenes in addition to lakes, as it includes a large temple and a group of playgrounds and restaurants.
  • City Park:It is a large park, characterized by its green and scenic landscapes that attract all age wolves to relax and enjoy as football fields and fields.

Churches in the city of Hamburg

Among the most important churches in Hamburg:

  • St. Michael’s Church: It was built in the seventeenth century AD, distinguished by its beautiful design, designed in the ancient Baroque style.
  • St. Nikolai Church: The city was mediated and built in the nineteenth century AD, but it was completely destroyed during World War II, and there are currently only some remains.


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