Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul belongs to the most important tourist destinations, so the Arab Travelers website provides you with the article Turkey Turkey Istanbul to help you plan the best possible way to spend a special holiday in it, either alone, with a friend, or with your family. And if you are still hesitating about the fact that Istanbul is the perfect choice for your next vacation, this hesitation will most likely be eliminated after only a few minutes by knowing the most important information about a number of its most important tourist attractions and its most prominent hotels.

The most important places of tourism in Turkey Istanbul

Tourism in Istanbul Turkey - Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque

  • Also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
  • It was built from 1906 to 1916.
  • Capacity to 10,000 worshipers.
  • Its elegant interior colors are dominated by blue and gold.
  • It is characterized by having 6 minarets and 8 domes.
  • His official site.

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Hagia Sophia Museum

  • It was built as a church by order of Emperor Justinian in the year 532 AD; then Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror ordered his conversion to a mosque after about 1,000 years had passed from the time of construction; and eventually it turned into a museum in 1934 AD by order of Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
  • It is located on Sultan Ahmed Street.
  • It has a huge distinctive dome and 4 minarets.
  • The interior is crowned with mosaic pieces.
  • It combines in its decorations the expressive designs of the Islamic and Christian religions.
  • Abundant content of sparkling artifacts and art.
  • Surrounded by a vast garden.
  • Nearby is the Grand Bazaar, with many souvenir shops.
  • Official Website.

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Ciragan Palace Kempinski

  • It is located in the Ortakoy region.
  • Thanks to its construction, it is due to Sultan Abdulaziz, who ordered its construction in 1863 AD.
  • The exterior is decorated with colored marble.
  • Its walls and interior ceilings are made of wood decorated with wood.
  • Rich in fine furniture and charming diverse historical art.
  • Official Website.

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Maiden’s Tower

  • It was built during the period of Greek civilization.
  • One of the best places for family trips.
  • It consists of 6 floors and a dome.
  • Its height is 23 m.
  • On the first floor there is a restaurant that serves delicious Turkish cuisine.
  • The last floor contains a sophisticated café.
  • It gives the opportunity to take a look at several important sights.
  • Official Website.

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Best hotels in Istanbul

Four Seasons Hotel

  • There are many distinctive sights in the Sultanahmet area.
  • Official Website.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

  • It enjoys a great location in Taksim, near Ataturk Airport.
  • Official Website.

The Fairmont Hotel

  • One of the finest hotels in Sisli.
  • Official Website.

Raffles Hotel

  • It is located in Besiktas within a huge commercial complex.
  • Official Website.

Sheragan Palace Hotel Kempinski

  • 5-star hotel close to Yildiz Palace.
  • It is located in Ortakoy neighborhood.
  • Official Website.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel

  • It is located in Sirkeci area.
  • Its exterior design follows the distinctive Byzantine architectural style.
  • Official Website.

Zurich Hotel

  • It is distinguished by elegant design and elegant services.
  • It occupies a distinctive space in the Lalali area.
  • Official Website.

Park Hyatt Hotel

  • It occupies a prime location among many important monuments in the Nisantasi area.
  • Official Website.

Dosso Dossi Hotel Downtown

  • One of the best hotels in Al Fateh.
  • It is distinguished by its modern design.
  • Official Website.

To get to know more special hotels, click on the following link: (The best hotel in Istanbul is recommended to stay).
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