Tourism in Ukraine

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Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, and shares its northern borders with Belarus, and shares its eastern borders with Russia, and shares its western borders with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, while surrounded by both Romania and Moldova from the southwestern side, and surrounded by the south of the Black Sea, And the Sea of ​​Azov, Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe, and its capital is Kiev and its largest city.
The climate in Ukraine is characterized by a mild continental climate, where the summers are mild, while the winters are from cold on the shores of the Black Sea to very cold, with rain. The northern and western regions are considered to be the most rainfed regions, while the western and southern regions are less rainy, and the Mediterranean climate prevails on the Crimean coast.
Ukraine is characterized by the large number of tourist delegations from all regions of the world, as it ranked eighth in the world in terms of the number of tourists, and in this article we will explain the most prominent places that can be visited and enjoy its scenic views.

Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is characterized by the abundance of green spaces and high mountains covered by trees, as well as the coastal coasts rich with stunning natural landscapes, and construction and architecture in Ukraine is distinguished, as it is considered old fashioned.
Ukraine is not free of therapeutic resorts that help to relax and treat many diseases, as high-end hotels provide excellent services, and one of the most important tourist areas that fascinates the tourist with its tourist sites Kiev.


The Ukrainian capital Kiev is considered one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities, which made it a tourist area in the first place, it is characterized by the abundance of parks and gardens, which made it appear green, as there are museums and historical buildings that are accepted by both lovers of history and ancient monuments, and the most important archaeological and tourist sites in it:

  • The Great Patriotic War Museum: More than 300,000 impressive artifacts.
  • Khreshchatyk Street: This street is a popular shopping destination, and contains many cafes, shops and restaurants.
  • National Opera House: This opera is one of the oldest opera houses in the country, as it was built in 1867 AD, and is characterized by the skill of its construction and the presence of a large head of the famous Ukrainian writer and poet Shevchenko.
  • Alley landscapes: This site is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Ukraine, along the way there are modern sculptures that attract tourists to it.
  • Andriyivski Uzviz Street: The tourist does not forget before leaving the city to visit this street in order to purchase unique souvenirs that remind him of his special trip to the beautiful Kiev.


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