There are many tourist cities in Russia that you must visit, Russia is in North Asia and is known as the Russian Federation
As for its capital, it is Moscow, and the official language of the country is the Russian language, and it is considered one of the most important countries that have witnessed great development in all fields
And in the various sciences, which makes it a great attraction for many travelers of all kinds. Russia is considered one of the best places on earth and contains the most important tourist places in Russia that are intended for many tourists for entertainment purposes.
It contains many wonderful museums and archaeological palaces in addition to the parks that maintain their international position and the most famous tourist places in them are the Red Square, the Kremlin and others

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Tourist cities in Russia

There are many wonderful cities in Russia, and you will surely feel a lot of fun and joy during your visit to Russia, each place has its own distinct character.
Which will make you feel a lot of warmth and joy and you will never regret your visit to the different countries of Russia, on top of which are Moscow, Kazan and many very beautiful cities

Moscow city:

Tourist cities in RussiaGeographical cities in Russia: Geography of Moscow overlooks the Moskva River, which is the administrative capital of the State of Russia and is considered a center for the spread of Russian culture
At the same time, it is characterized by the concentration of tourism, money, the country’s economy, religion, education, and even transportation, most of which passes through the capital. Among the most prominent tourist attractions that exist in Moscow are the following: Shukhov Tower: It was built by Eng. Vladimir Shukhov, between 1919 and 1922 CE. Cathedrals: St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Basilica of the Savior Christ and the Kazan Cathedral The Seven Chakels Building: which was built by the engineer Stalin in the Gothic Salenic way and it consists of 7 buildings Ostankino building: It was built in 1967 AD and is considered one of the tallest towers on the face of the earth where it occupies the third rank Th is among the tallest towers in the world with other landmarks in Moscow: the new Arbat Street and the Moscow Zoo in addition to the Ascension Church and other tourist places in Moscow that you must visit

Saint Petersburg:

Tourist cities in Russia
Tourist cities in Russia is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Russia and for its location it is located in northwestern Russia, east of the Gulf of Finland
Near the Baltic Sea, which is the second largest city in Russia and in terms of weather in the city of Saint Petersburg, it is very cold in the winter and the weather is moderate in the summer. The city of Saint Petersburg is one of the most important tourist cities because it has more than 8 thousand ancient sites very ancient
Among them are Petropavlovsk Castle, the Palaces of the Palaces and other ancient antique streets that you should visit

Kazan city:

Tourist cities in RussiaThe tourist cities in Russia are considered among the most beautiful cities in Russia in general, and for the Kazan geographical location, they are located at the meeting point of both the Volga River and the Kazanka River
It is considered the capital of the administration of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan and is characterized by the phenomenon of religious tolerance and mixing of different religions, including Orthodoxy.
And the Islamic religion where you see the mosque next to the church in a very beautiful cultural form
It was chosen to be the sports capital of Russia in the year two thousand and nine AD
Among the most important tourist places that are found in the city of Kazan are the following: Mosque of Sharif saying: It is one of the largest mosques in Russia and is considered the main mosque in the Republic of Tatarstan Memorial: It is for the Tatar poet Musa Jalil Mosque Marjani: It is considered one of the oldest mosques in Russia and has been built Of stone in the state of Russia after the Kazan occuAl Bahahn
By Evan the Great and the mosque was opened in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy AD AD Other distinctive landmarks in the city of Kazan: The Faculty of Law in the University of Kazan is one of the most important places that you must visit in addition to the leaning tower, the temple of religions and the Church of the Annunciation Also read: Tourism in Dagestan .. A charming nature breathtaking


Tourist cities in RussiaTourist cities in Russia is one of the most important tourist cities in the country and its location, it is very close to the Black Sea and Qom in the year two thousand and fourteen AD
Hosting the Olympic Games held in the winter
It is prepared for the cities in Russia, which is visited by an endless number of tourists annually
In order to play sports or to enjoy the various activities that take place in the country and the scenes of games and various sports
Held in Sochi, especially in winterTourist cities in RussiaTourist cities in Russia, many tourists come from around the world to the city of Sochi in order to enjoy skiing and walking in the parks in the city
And enjoy the beautiful appearance of the huge beaches in the city with a very distinct climate


Tourist cities in RussiaTourist cities in Russia for the geographical location of Vladivostok are on the Moraviov-Amorsk Peninsula, more specifically on the coasts of the Sea of ​​Japan
It is about 6400 kilometers from the capital of the state of Russia, Moscow, and the city of Vladivostok was established in 1860 and its area
It reaches 330 square kilometers and the most important tourist places in Vladivostok include: Vladivostok Castle: It was built in the 19th century AD, and it is a unique military facility and still enjoys its beauty and strength
Its position so far and reaches an area of ​​400 square kilometers and contains 130 cubs and more than 1300 cubic Voroshilov battery: located in the southern part of the island of Russia, it is considered one of the most important tourist places in Russia and its composition
It contains two towers, each of which has 3 cannons, and construction began in 1931 AD and was completed in 1933 AD
Today it is considered part of the governmental regional museum. The Marine Natural Reserve: It was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight AD in order to preserve the environment.
And the protection of marine and terrestrial creatures and in order to encourage scientists and people of Russia to establish research and scientific studies and their area, it reaches 64,316 hectares

Some tips before traveling to Russia:

Many countries are exempt from visa entry to Russia, and among those is the Arab Gulf, where residents of the Arabian Peninsula can enter the territories
Russian without the need for a final visa and the cost of travel is very little when compared
In the rest of the European countries, and about food and transportation, these matters differ according to the place of residence in Russia. You must contact the embassy of your country first before embarking on travel to Russia in order to register
Passport and know the numbers of the embassy
Your country in Russia and knowing the procedures you must take in order to travel to Russia, it is preferable to learn some of the sentences that you will need during your stay in Russia to facilitate the process of communication there with people
Those who do not speak English or your preferred language should not go out late except for the extreme need and avoid using the metro station after 9 pm to avoid any problems The best times to visit Russia and in particular the capital of Russia in the time between the month of April
And September because the weather is mild at this time and also to avoid feeling distressed by crowding
And many tourists coming to visit Moscow in the rest of the year

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