Tourist places in Istanbul, Turkey

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Your comprehensive tourism guide for Istanbul, which has many distinctive tourist attractions, as well as attractive places, as the city has many scenic landscapes, so let us know the most important tourist places that exist in the city of Istanbul.

The most famous tourist places in Turkey Istanbul:

Istanbul is the capital city of Turkey, and therefore it is one of the most important cities affiliated with it, and it is one of the tourist attractions in Turkey, and Istanbul includes a large group of tourist places, which we advise you to visit, which we will mention to you through this article, and among the most important of those existing tourist attractions In Istanbul are:

First: The Basilica Tank:

The basilica cistern is one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Istanbul, and is also considered an ancient place, where its construction dates back to the sixth century AD. A group of fish through the water that fills the tank. Also, the tank has a slight illumination so that the visitor can see the fish swimming under the water.
Also inside the tank there is a distinctive restaurant that serves delicious food, and what distinguishes it is the place to sit with that distinctive view and amazing lighting.

Second: the Bosphorus:

The Bosphorus is one of the most famous tourist places that exist in the city of Istanbul, where the Bosphorus Strait is the soul of the city, and the strait is one source top and bottom, and there is also the Bosphorus Bridge where the first bridge connects Istanbul from the Asian side with the European party, while the bridge The second is the bridge called Sultan Al-Fatih, and its length is about thirty-nine meters. As for the third bridge, it is called Yavuz Sultan Selim, which works to connect the Bosphorus Strait to the northern side.

Third: Egypt Market:

The market of Egypt is considered one of the best famous places in Istanbul, as it is one of the markets that attract many visitors, whether they are from within the city or from outside, and the market is considered one of the old markets, where its establishment dates back to the era of Sultan Murad III.

Fourth: Chora Church:

The Chora Church is one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Istanbul, and the church is located in the western side of the city, and is located specifically in the Al-Fatih neighborhood, and the most important characteristic of that church is the unique normative design, as its design dates back to Byzantine art, and includes six of Domes, and during the period of Ottoman rule the church turned into a mosque, and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire it was appointed as a museum.

Fifth: The Palace of Kalbarbaki:

The Palace is one of the most famous palaces in Istanbul, and the palace is one of the most beautiful buildings. The palace is located precisely on the Asian side, and this palace was designed in the Baroque style. The palace includes a large reception hall, which includes the pond and also a water fountain, as well as decorating the palace Luxurious carpets, along with straw mats, and other distinctive views of the palace.

Sixth: Turquoise:

The Trakazu Basin is one of the best places in Istanbul, as it is one of the first water basins to be found in Istanbul, and this basin includes many different marine creatures, along with many sharks and nemo, as well as stingray fish, and other creatures Various marine sizes and types, which were brought from all over the world, along with the underwater glass tunnel, and this provides great pleasure and a sense of your presence in these marine creatures.

Seventh: The Petra Museum:

The Pera Museum is one of the most famous and best museums that exist in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and the establishment of that museum dates back to the year two thousand and five, but it achieved a lot of great fame and success during that period, the museum has many different departments, among which are the Book Gallery, and also Some halls for educational programs, and some audio events, and the museum also includes a collection of paintings and is one of the most famous cultural centers in Istanbul.

Eighth: Museum of Modern Art:

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most famous museums in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and the museum includes many art exhibits, and the museum also has a small shop that includes many artifacts and souvenirs, along with a group of different and multiple utensils, in addition to the library in the museum.

Ninth: Via Land:

Via Land is considered one of the most important tourist places that exist in the city, as it is one of the largest game cities in the city, and the city includes many different and distinctive recreational games, along with children’s amusement parks, which include electric toys, and the most important characteristic of that city is its area Large and approximately two and a half square kilometers.

Tenth: Gulhane Park:

Gulhane Garden is one of the most attractive parks for visitors in Istanbul, where it includes many green plants and roses, which decorate the garden and make it a special place especially for those looking for relaxation. There is also a large group of birds that make the sweetest sounds, also in the garden The Science and Technology Museum, which was recently established in the park, is one of the must-visit places in Istanbul.

Eleventh: Baghdad Street:

Baghdad Street is one of the famous streets in Istanbul, Turkey, where the street includes many attractions, as there are many different shops on the street that have all kinds of different goods, and Baghdad Street also has a large group of distinctive restaurants that are on either side Street, one of the streets full of visitors throughout the year.


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