Vinson Massif is a mountain located in the Antarctic and this mountain is considered the highest mountain in Antarctica or Antarctica, because it is 21 km long and 13 km wide, and 4892 meters high.

Antarctica or what is known as Antarctica is located in the south of the globe, and we find that the Antarctic is superior in coldness than the Arctic, because it is the coldest areas on the face of the earth, as it is characterized by the absence of a population in it, and we find adventurers and travelers go to it, because it has nature Pure, although there is no life in it for him.

South Pole site

Antarctica is known as the continent of Antarctica, and is located in the southern part of the globe, and we find that the Pacific Ocean and the southern and Atlantic ocean surround the Antarctic continent, as the area of ​​the Antarctic continent, as it has an area of ​​about fourteen million km2, is the fifth continent in terms of area.
And we find that 98% of the continent is covered in ice, and the size of the Antarctic is twice the Australian continent, as well as twice and two-thirds of the area of ​​the European continent, and its population does not exceed five thousand people.

Climate of Antarctica

Antarctica, known as the continent of Antarctica, is one of the coldest continents in the earth, and we find the eastern side of the Antarctic continent cooler than the western side, because the nature of the eastern side is high, and snow falls in a common way in the coastal region of the Antarctic continent, so that the height of snow can reach Falling to one meter and twenty two centimeters.
And that if it continues to fall during forty-eight hours, we also find Antarctica cooler than the North Pole because the Antarctic continent rises above the sea level by three thousand meters, which leads to a decrease in temperature, and also because during the month of July, the earth is far farther The sun in the Antarctic from the North Pole during the winter.

The nature of life in the Antarctic

There are many animals in the car that live in it, where they reach more than two hundred and thirty-five animals, in which there are vertebrates and invertebrates, and there are many marine animals such as penguins and blue whales, and the emperor penguin is the only animal born in the winter in the pole.
The nature of the climate in Antarctica also affects the growth of a large group of plants, so plant life in Antarctica is very low, due to poor soil quality and lack of moisture, and we find that most of the continent’s plants are algae plants and number more than one hundred species, and there are four hundred species Of fungi, and there are types of bacteria that live in the cold and dark at a depth of eighty kilometers under the ice.

Vinson Massif Summit

The highest mountain in Antarctica is the summit of Vinson, in the range of the Ellsworth Mountains, which are above the Rhone Ice Shelf, near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula, and we find the massif located 750 miles long, from the Antarctic, and about 13 miles for a long distance 8.1 miles wide, 16,050 feet to the highest point on Mount Vinson, and his name was Carl Vinson in 2006, and considered the first expedition to Vinson in 2001, for the first to climb across the Eastern Road, and we find that 1,400 climbers attempted to reach the summit of Mount Vinson.
In the northwest, we find a rocky mass extending between Colonel and Judge Glacier, and to the southwest and south it is Nimitz glacier, and the glacial day, in relation to Qaddafi’s ice shadow, and its tributaries to the east, and we find that the southeast of a mountain range ends in the hammer, which in turn joins the Craddock as a rock block.
Mount Rite Ford is the highest point, and we find a few peak levels with many hills on the side joining together and being within the high rock mass of the middle of the Vinson Plateau, and generally the climate control on Vinson is by the high pressure system and the polar ice cap, mostly with Creating stable conditions, such as any polar climate, because snowfall and high winds are the first possibility, and despite the snowfall that leads to the presence of normal winds, the sun rays over the course of 24 hours, and the sun melts the intense snow on dark creatures.
And we find that for successive years, a limited portion of the snow falling on Vinson Massif has been transformed into ice and the formation of glaciers that flow down the iceberg, and Jacobsen Valley is occupied by the upper villages on the northern face of Vinson.
And there is a difficulty in climbing Vinson, it is a technical difficulty that reduced what is behind the dangers that they used to see to travel in Antarctica, and we find that the Vinson summit, although it is one of the seven summits, we find it received the great attention of the financed funded climbers in recent years.
There are also many companies that carry out campaigns targeting Vinson, at a cost of thirty thousand dollars per person, including transportation to Antarctica from Chile.

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