Traveling to Australia

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Australia was discovered in the middle centuries, and its name was based on its location in the south of the earth. Australia has grown to become one of the most politically and economically stable countries, and tourism in Australia has had the largest role in the growth of its economy.

the climate

Most of the land in Australia is desert, but there are regions with a tropical climate and many tropical forests, and this diversity of climate depends on proximity or distance from the coast.
The diversity in the climate in Australia has led to the presence of many rare living organisms in which they live, and these organisms include animals, plants and marine creatures, and in Australia the largest coral barrier in the world, and it contains many marine creatures, which constitute attractive colors for the undersea world.

The most important Australian tourist attractions

  • Tasmania Island: It is located east of the continent of Australia, which is also an Australian state and an island, as it is suitable for those looking for a quiet atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of life, where there are many beaches, which made it one of the best and most beautiful areas for lovers of isolation and relaxation, and enjoying the scenic green and beautiful scenery, On this island there are many natural reserves, as there is the National Park of the Crescent surrounded by pink granite mountains, and this park is located on the beach, which allows visitors to practice various water sports, such as diving, swimming and surfing.
  • Kangaroo Island: It is a natural reserve in which hunting is prohibited, due to the presence of exotic animals that are not found in other countries of the world, and from these animals, koalas, kangaroos, penguins and others.
  • Brisbane: This city is famous for its beautiful markets, and it has a number of parks that are worth a visit, because of the beautiful green spaces in it.
  • Melbourne: It is second only to Sydney in terms of area, as it is one of the developed cities, and it is the largest cargo port in Australia.

In addition, there are many green forests in Melbourne, which gives them a beautiful environmental character. For four years in a row, Melbourne has won the title of the best city to live in, as livelihoods are comfortable and affordable.

  • Sydney: It is one of the most important cities in Australia and the largest area, the most famous of which is the opera house which is characterized by a unique design, and it overlooks Sydney Harbor. Sydney has a moderate and beautiful climate throughout the year, and for this it is one of the most important destinations that attract visitors at all times of the year.

Study in Australia

As for travelers to study in Australia, and although studying there is somewhat expensive, the student will have a global and high level of education, and there are rare specializations, and there are not available in many countries, and Australia has a number of universities that are classified as one of the best universities Worldwide, Australia also offers many scholarships to students from different countries of the world.


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