Traveling to Libya

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Libya is located in the north of the African continent along the Arab Republic of Egypt on the eastern side, Sudan on the southeast, and Algeria on the west, while on the south it is located on the side of both Chad and Niger, and its population has reached more than six million people living on an area of ​​up to 1,800,000 square kilometers, the area of ​​the country is very large in relation to the population; it is the fourth largest country on the African continent.
The population of Libya belongs to the Islamic religion with a percentage of more than 97%, while the remainder of this percentage belong to different religions, the most important of which are: Christianity embraced by foreigners working in the country, including Africans and Europeans, while the official language of the country is Arabic, and there is a group of the population who speak the language Tamazight.

Traveling to Libya

The traveler seeks to travel to Libya with the intention of one of two things:

  • Traveling to Libya for work: Libya attracts a large number of Arab and foreign workers annually, due to its strong economy, which needs a large workforce, and the state’s economy depends mainly on natural resources such as oil, natural gas and plaster, and people go to it for several reasons, including:
    • It provides great job opportunities available for all disciplines, professions and trades.
    • The worker provides a high income, so the average annual income per person is more than $ 14,848.
    • The dwelling provided with the family a large number of its employees.
  • Travel to Libya for the purpose of tourism: The Libyan tourism was classified as insignificant and the reason for this is that the governments did not give any attention to encouraging tourism or the work of any programs that revitalize them, but rather only natural resources to increase their income, and the situation remained the same until the air embargo on the country was lifted, and friendship relations with the West increased, Tourism increased in the country, and many distinguished restaurants, hotels and resorts were established. The number of tourists in Libya in 2004 AD reached 149 thousand visitors.

The most beautiful tourist places in Libya

Libya is famous in many tourist places, including:

  • Roman city: It is located in the city of Sabratha, located to the west of the capital, Tripoli. It is characterized by its Roman building with steps and columns. In the city there are many mosaic paintings and temples, a Christian church, and the Roman semicircular theater.
  • Lake Tomb Aoun: The lake is located in the Libyan Grand Desert, and is characterized by its hot water that is used for physiotherapy. The lake is surrounded by sand and palm trees. The lake is visited by a large number of tourists annually, especially foreigners who lack the desert scenery in their country.
  • Acacus Mountains: It is a rocky mountain located in southwestern Libya. The mountains were characterized by rock arches surrounded by desert sands. The rocks were distinguished by a group of ancient drawings on them.


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