Traveling to Paris

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The city of Paris

Paris is the capital of France and its most populous city, in which there are approximately twelve million people, concentrated in the city itself and in the suburbs, and Paris is the artistic, scientific and cultural center of Europe, and it has a prominent position in the fields of global fashion and fashion with famous brands, which made it one of the most important cities in the world, It is the center of France on the economic level, it holds the fifth rank in the world in terms of GDP after New York and Tokyo, and its economy depends on the foundations of development in the fields of information technology and various industries, in addition to that it is considered one of the most important countries of tourist importance T is visited by tourists from all countries of the world due to the presence of different places and the beautiful atmosphere that attracts tourists.

Paris location, topography and climate

French Paris is located in the middle of the northern part of France, and vastly on the banks of the Seine River, and an area of ​​approximately eighty-seven square kilometers, and in which two islands are Ile Saint Louis and Ile de la City, and Paris is characterized by its expansion in terms of surface shape and terrain, as it contains a group From the hills, the weather of Paris is characterized by its oceanic nature and is affected by the North Atlantic current. In general, the climate of Paris is characterized by moderation and relative humidity, and its summer is warm and moderate, but in spring and autumn the climate is characterized by moderation during the day and night, but it has many fluctuations, where temperatures rise suddenly and then Be discouraged Z without warning, and in the winter the sun rays are scarce and the weather cools during the day, except that the temperatures remain above zero, the frost spreads in winter as the snow falls, but it is a very rare occurrence, and Paris witnesses rain throughout the year, and August is considered one of the most abundant months in terms of fall The rainy month, and the month of March is considered the drier month of the year.

Traveling to Paris

People who are determined to travel are advised to book their tickets well in advance of the trip, in order to get a discount, because their prices are low, and it is also advised to visit Paris in the fall and spring seasons which are not crowded, and the tourist should check the weather condition, because The atmosphere of Paris is fluctuating between heat and sudden cold, so it is best to visit the city in July while taking coats and umbrellas as a precaution, as Paris is a vast and flat city, as it requires its visitors to walk long distances and wear what comfort their feet, and that many affirmed that there is no need to speak in both English Or the French Because the Arabs are scattered everywhere there.

French tourist places

There are many tourist facilities and places in Paris, in which there are museums, theaters and monuments dating back to ancient civilizations, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the famous Louvre Museum and Versailles Palace, in addition to the presence of museums that contain paintings by international artists, cathedrals in addition to the city of the most famous games around the world Disneyland, Paris provides hotel services that meet the needs of its tourists, and it has kitchens that offer well-known French cuisine with a strong reputation, as it attracts the most important chefs from all countries of the world to it, just as in Paris various and advanced means of transportation such as the Paris Metro in th Hypocrisy, which provides services to nearly nine million passengers each day, in addition to the presence of two international airports and two airports, Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly.

Other facilities in Paris

In Paris, the most important and varied high-end schools and universities such as the Sorbonne, also have centers for the most prominent and well-known French newspapers such as Liberation and Le Monde, and in Paris also the headquarters of the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.


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