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Travel to Slovenia

Slovenia is located between Croatia and Italy, and it is a small republic to which many tourists flock annually for its strategic location in the center of the continent of Europe, and its continental Mediterranean climate, and travel to Slovenia needs to obtain many visas, a valid passport, and some vaccines and checks that must be done, and these are taken All information is from the different tourist offices that provide visas, and arranging the trip to Slovenia, and it is important when going to Slovenia, to take a translator due to the spread of the Slovenian language in the region, the Hungarian language, and the lack of those who speak Gh English, Arabic and language.

Featured places in Slovenia

It is necessary to visit many places and islands when going to Slovenia to enjoy a wonderful unforgettable trip with the family or for a honeymoon.


It is one of the beautiful cities of Slovenia, characterized by its calmness and beauty of its natural scenery, and the presence of the Ljubljana River, and a beautiful bridge is located above it, and there is a castle of Ljubljana, which is located on the highest area in this city, it is preferable for visitors to this small city to dispense with the car, and walk around to see all Charming landmarks, or cycling to enjoy the beautiful weather, eat one of the meals in the restaurants spread across the city, and choose the special dishes.


Or, as some call it the city of myths, tourists feel when visiting it that it is an ancient and fictional myth, and there is a wonderful lake in the middle of the city, and in the middle there is an island on which the fictional and magnificent Bled Castle is located, and there are many distinctive restaurants and cafes, boats and rowing can be found in The boat, which is housed in one of the famous hotels, such as a villa hotel, which is located on the shore of Lake Bled, and is characterized by its romantic atmosphere.

Postojna Cave

It is one of the monuments in Slovenia, it is located in the region of Postojna, and it is characterized by its splendor and wonderful creativity in God, and many animal species live in it, and inside it there is an electric train that accommodates many tourists to take a tour of the cave to explore and take pictures in it.

Predjama Castle

It is one of the very ancient castles, which dates back 700 years ago, and has many ancient historical monuments, and is characterized by being built on top of a cave crater.

Soka River

It is a emerald river, located between the alpine chain, and engages in many activities such as diving, boating, rowing and flying in sails, fast boat experience, horse riding on the banks of the river, fishing, and it is possible to relax in calm surroundings, and enjoy the views Picturesque.

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