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Urban features in the village and in the city

Society in any country is divided into three sections, which are cities, villages, and desert, and the grazing craft is the first work done by man, as this work requires movement and migration from one region to another.

After man discovered agriculture, he settled in a specific place, and agricultural villages whose inhabitants were interested in agriculture began to appear.

Urban features in the village

Villages are generally characterized by low population numbers with large areas of land, and mostly villagers work in agriculture, so their homes consist of a few rooms built of mud and stone, and this house is followed by large monsters used to breed a number of chickens, pigeons, and a number Few of the livestock raised to provide the family with food needs, and these houses are also dotted with narrow dirt roads.

The village lacked all forms of services such as water, electricity, health facilities, schools, and places of entertainment, because of the low standard of living of its inhabitants, and they were generally overshadowed by the nature of poverty.

At the present time, the villages have witnessed a significant development and difference in the way homes are built and the level of life is, their homes are made of cement, and they are characterized as multi-room and mostly consisting of one floor, and all services such as water, electricity, paved roads and schools are available in the village. In Jordan, for example, there is no village in the correct sense, as everything that is in the city is present in the village in terms of public services.

Urban appearance in the city

Urban residents or so-called “urban” work in trade or government jobs, so their income is higher than that of rural residents, and their homes are distinguished by floors, and these floors are divided into apartments with amenities, and in most cases these houses are large buildings Constructed with an organized engineering method and sophisticated “finishes”, with electricity and water services being distributed in a more luxurious way, markets and institutions are spread in the city.

The city also contains the buildings of official government departments and private institutions, and these buildings are of a high degree of mastery and show engineering engineering. The city also contains entertainment places and cafes, and these facilities are built with innovative engineering methods, so that it beautifies the entire region.

The city’s buildings are paved with organized paved streets, with beautiful arches entrusted to its entrances. Although most cities suffer from congestion, the city remains a popular destination for job seekers from the villages.

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