What is Ghana famous for?

المسافرون العرب

The country of Ghana

The country of Ghana is one of the African countries located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Guinea, west of the African continent, where it is bordered on the north by Burkina Faso, on the eastern side of Togo, and on the western side by the Ivory Coast, and it is a pivotal country in the West Africa, independent from Britain in 1957 AD, The official language of its population is the English language, and its currency is Sidi, and it was previously called the Gold Coast, and its population is about 27,041,000 people, according to the statistics of 2015.

History of the country of Ghana

The country of Ghana underwent British colonialism from 1896 until its independence in 1957 AD, as it was the first independent country in the regions of West Africa, and thus changed its name from the gold coast that British colonialism called it to Ghana, and its first president was Commander Kwame Nkrumah who led the struggle National until its independence.

Ghana has suffered for many decades from many military coups that were persecuting democracy and freedom to form parties, but with pressure on the ruling regimes, the formation of parties was subsequently allowed, and from here the transformation began in this country, and the first elections were held in 1992, in which he was elected Rollinger, and he continued to rule until the elections in 2000 AD, in which the first civilian president was elected.

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What is Ghana famous for?

Ghana’s most famous natural resource

The most characteristic of Ghana is its torrential water due to the occurrence of good quantities of rain every year. There is also a running river called the Volta River, which is characterized by its tropical climate in which the rain falls in large quantities. As a result, the largest dam in the world was built in this country, and it is the most important The most famous of it, and this dam is called Akosombo.

Ghana’s most famous economic resource

Ghana is called the coast of gold, because it is one of the most famous countries in the production and export of expensive and rare minerals such as diamonds, gold, manganese, bauxite and iron, and this makes them the focus of attention for many investors and foreign capital owners who go to invest in them, and occupies this country Tenth place in the world in gold production.

The most famous foods in Ghana

The country of Ghana is known for its fatty food dishes, which are hardly free of milk or one of its derivatives, and this explains the high prices of milk and milk in it, as it is famous for sea food; especially fish, and it is indicated that most of the population of this country are Muslims who do not eat pork, Therefore, most of their food is vegan.

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Secret African Masks Video

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