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Serbia is a republic that is classified as a Balkan country, which is located in the middle of Europe as a link between the center, south and east of this continent. Serbia is bordered by Hungary from the north, while it is bordered by Bulgaria and Romenia east, and Macedonia borders it to the south, and west, and it is bordered by Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Croatia. The capital of this country is the city of “Belgrade”, which is an interior landlocked country, and it extends in the southern part of the plain Pannonia and the Balkans, with a population of only seven million. In this article, we will show you, dear reader, the most important tourist places in this country.

Tourism in Serbia

Tourism in the Republic of Serbia depends mainly on the Serbian countryside, including its villages and mountains. The Tara Mountains, the Cubanic Mountains, and the Zlatibor Mountains are among the most important tourist mountains in the country. There are also many hot water springs, which are a factor in increasing therapeutic tourism in them, such as the Uvtsar springs. Banja, Vranjka Banja, among others. As for the most important Serbian cities that attract tourists, the capital, Belgrade, the city of Kragujevac, and the city of Novi Sad, as these cities are characterized by the clamor opposite to the quiet countryside, where many international festivals are held, such as the EXIT festival, the trumpet festival, and the beer festival, And other successful festivals.

The nature of these cities, which are characterized by the beauty of their natural landscapes, and the multiplicity of the appearances of cultures and historical monuments in them, make them an attractive factor for millions of tourists, as the number of tourists who visited Serbia in the year two thousand and seven AD reached two million and two hundred thousand tourists, and the end of the Yugoslav civil war and separation was The city of Kosovo, which is a major cause of prosperity in tourism and security.

Tourism in Belgrade, the capital

The city of Belgrade, the capital, which is classified as the oldest European city, was established since the third century BC, and was in several years the capital of the state of Yugoslavia before Serbia restored it, and this city is also classified as the most vocal city in Europe, and is the fifth city in The world is in terms of safety in it, where crime and violence are low in it, and is characterized by low prices, and the fact that tourists do not suffer from the problem of language communication, as the majority of its population speaks English fluently. And if you love history and monuments, you can walk in the old city, in which you find a bridge that crosses it to the other side of the city, which passes over the Sava River. On it for long years of time.

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