What is the capital of Alaska

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Juno City

Juneau is an American city located in the state of Alaska, and it represents its administrative capital since 1906 AD, in addition to being the headquarters of most offices and government institutions in the state, and it is also an important economic and tourist center, as it is visited by a large number of visitors, And tourists, especially in the summer, and fishing activities and export of fish products are widespread, which contribute greatly to supporting the national economy. Perhaps what distinguishes Juno from the rest of the American capitals is the absence of a network of roads linking it with the rest of the state, but rather is a means The main transportation in the use of toys Wara.

Juno city location and area

Juno is located in the American state of Alaska, specifically in the southeastern corner of it, in the middle of the Alaska Marine Highway, in the area overlooking the Justinho Water Canal, separated from the Pacific Ocean by a series of islands whose width reaches 120 km, and the city sits at the foot of Juno With a height of 1,090 meters, and Roberts Mountain Tramway with a height of 1,164 meters. Juno occupies a geographical area of ​​8,430 sq km, and from astronomical point of view, the capital Juno is located on the longitude (134.51 °) to the west, and the latitude (58.35 °) to the north.

Population of the city of Juneau

Juno has a population of only 32,468 people, according to the latest statistical estimates for 2020. It is thus not considered the largest city in Alaska in terms of population, and its population density is small; it is only 10 people per square mile. Looking at the demographics, the vast majority of the Juno population are whites by as much as 70%, and the indigenous American population represents 12%, 6% of Asian origin, about 5% of Latin origin, and 9.5% of mixed origin, Less than 1% are black.

The most important landmarks of the city of Juneau

Juneau has many landmarks and great attractions, and the following are among the most important:

  • Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center.
  • Mount Roberts tram.
  • Alaska State Museum.
  • Mining Museum.
  • Tomb of Saint Therese.
  • Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church.


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