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The capital of Albania

Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania, as well as a center of economy, culture and government activities in the country. Tirana is located 700 kilometers from Athens in Greece, 27 kilometers east of the Adriatic coast, along the Ishm River, and was founded in the early seventeenth century by Turkish General Barkinzade Suleyman Pasha, It is said that he built a mosque, bathroom, and bakery in order to attract settlement, and gradually the city became a commercial center at the intersection of roads and caravan paths, and was chosen to be the capital of Albania in 1920 by a conference in Laushne. Its flag is a red background with a black double-headed eagle.


Tirana is the city with the largest population in Albania, with more than 800,000 people, and its inhabitants belong to different races, with ethnic diversity comprising about 84% of Albanians, 0.35 from Greece, and a very small percentage of Macedonians. The number of females exceeds the number of males in the city, and most of its residents condemn Islam.

the climate

Tirana has a subtropical climate, it is humid in summer, where heavy rain reaches 44 millimeters in summer, and it is the eighth city in Europe in terms of sun exposure, but in winter, it is cold and humid, and snow falls, but it melts after a short time .


Tirana is the heart of the Albanian economy as it hosts thousands of companies that belong to local and international investors, and the services section is the most important source of income in it occupying about 68.5%, while the industrial sector contributes 26.1% of the revenues, while the agricultural sector contributes 5.4% of Income, and thanks to the fact that Tirana is located on a fertile plain on the bank of the Ishim River, the city has been able to produce a variety of agricultural products and foodstuffs, in addition to agricultural machinery, mineral products, and pharmaceuticals.

Country video without McDonald’s

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