What is the capital of ancient Sheba?

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Marib city

The Yemeni city of Marib (English: Ma القديمةrib) is the capital of the ancient city of Sheba, where the city of Marib is known as an ancient fortified city, and the main center of the mandate of Sheba in the pre-Islamic era, and it was the capital of Sheba during the period between 950-115 BC, and the city was a phrase From a fertile oasis irrigated with water from the Ma’rib Dam, where it was called Paris the Old World, it was one of the main caravan routes linking the Mediterranean world with the Arabian Peninsula, and it flourished in particular because of its monopoly on the trade of incense, bitter from Yemen, and the southern coastal region of Hadramout, and it has played A role as a center for Bedouin tribesmen who They nurture camels, sheep, and goats, and were destroyed in the Yemeni Civil War during the period between 1962 AD – 1970 AD The Citadel of Medina contains many inscriptions and statues in the pre-Islamic period, in addition to the Temple of the God of the Moon.

The importance of Marib city to Yemen

The city of Marib is located about 160 kilometers east of the city of Sana’a, on the edge of the desert, and the city was until the eighties of the last century the government center, and the Yemeni province garrison of Sana’a with a low population density, but in the sixties of the last century was abandoned after being bombed in civil wars Yemen; many of its ruins were destroyed. The city was renewed in the mid-1980s, being the center closest to the petroleum operations in the Marib Basin. The main natural gas reserves were discovered there, and the construction of a new dam in it during the 1980s allowed the revival of major irrigated agriculture, Which gave it a new military importance.

Marib dam

The Ma’rib Dam is one of the oldest known dams in the world, as it was built during the period between 760-740 BC, but it collapsed in 575 BC and its waters flooded the land of Sheba, where this great engineering marvel in Yemen was subjected to many damages as a result An airstrike had hit the northern part of the city, as the dam was rebuilt several times during the first millennium of its construction.


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