What is the capital of Bangladesh

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Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, located along the eastern bank of the Buriganga River in the middle of the Bengal Delta, and it is the largest city in Bangladesh, as well as its cultural and economic center, and one of the major cities in South Asia, and it is one of the most crowded cities With population in the world, Dhaka residents consist of diverse ethnic and religious communities. The city also has the largest traffic congestion and the worst traffic in the world, as traffic can remain constant for more than seven hours a day during the peak period.

History of the city of Dhaka

The name of the city was derived from the tamping tree that was prevalent in the region, and is also said to have been derived from the name of Dikeshwari, a hidden goddess in Bangladesh, whose shrine is located west of the city, and the city of Dhaka did not emerge until the seventeenth century AD, when it was the capital of the Mongols in the province of Bengal It was also an important center for maritime trade, as it attracted English, French, Armenian, Portuguese and Dutch merchants to it, and in 1704 AD the capital was moved to Murshidabad, where Dhaka then entered a period of difficulty.

Dhaka was also under British control in 1765 AD, and it was built in 1864 AD, but it continued to lose its status until it became the capital of East Bengal and Assam province during the period from 1212-1905 AD, and during the early twentieth century Dhaka became an important commercial center and a prominent place for learning And after the end of the British rule over it, the city became the capital of the East Bengal Province in 1947 AD, as it became the capital of eastern Pakistan in 1956 AD, and it suffered many damages until it gained independence in 1971 AD and became the capital of the state of Bangladesh.

Dhaka city highlights

Dhaka is a bustling and vibrant place in Bangladesh, with many green parks, historical monuments, mosques and temples, in addition to great restaurants, new roads, and the metro rail system. Among the most important features are the following:

  • the National Museum.
  • Fort for Bagh.
  • Liberation War Museum.
  • National Assembly Building.


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