The best tourist places in London

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The British Museum

The British Museum is located in the heart of London and is considered one of the most visited places, as the museum received about 68.20.686 people in 2015 AD. This museum includes nearly eight million works from every continent of the world and displays history on its walls. This museum was built in 1753 AD and consisted From the collection of paintings and holdings of Sir Hans Sloane, it was opened to the public in 1795 AD, and has been expanded over the years by the British colonies, and this museum is a beacon of history, culture and art from all over the world.

London Tower

The Tower of London is located on the northern bank of the River Thames, and is considered a historic royal castle established at the end of the year 1066 AD, and it is considered a large palace that was built as a royal residence, and then it was used as a prison from the year 1100-1952 AD, and the tower is a complex of several buildings that have defensive walls and a moat, Although it is not a prison, some members of the royal family were imprisoned in the tower, such as Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, and the tower attracted approximately 2,755,249 tourists in 2015.

London Eye

The London Eye is a large wheel or wheel with a wheel up to 135 meters long, located along the Thames River, and is considered a symbol of London and is called the “Eiffel Tower of London.” The London Eye is also the longest spinning wheel in Europe and provides wonderful views of the city. One of the most important tourist attractions, as the number of annual visitors is approximately 3.75 million.

Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussaud is located along the Marylebone Road in London, and it is a wax museum that is considered one of the oldest museums where the original museum was opened in 1835 AD, and it has many historical wax statues dating back to the early nineteenth century, and this attracts this The museum has thousands of tourists to see imitation wax figurines of historical figures and modern celebrities.

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is located at the top of the hill and next to the Royal Observatory, and it is a viewing area through which the old Royal Naval College can be seen across the Thames River and beyond, and this park is very wide to sit in, and then go to see old forests and trees in a modern wild area.

Natural History Museum

The Museum of Natural History is referred to as the Cathedral of Nature, and this museum dates back to the nineteenth century, and contains a collection of eighty million samples spanning billions of years, the museum receives more than five million visitors annually, and contains a gallery of skeletons of dinosaurs and an exhibition of Greek architecture.


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